why i cannot read my FTP NAS 323 through aztech router

i have a D-Link NAS 323. I want to set FTP server on my NAS 323.
I have a aztech router. My router has build in FTP server.
I use filezilla to connect to my FTP server.
i set my port to 449 because i have built in FTP server in my router.

Way i configure:
First i set up NAS 323 and now my client pc can read from NAS.
Then i create FTP with port 449 in my NAS 323
After that i setup DNS and is working (http://mydomain.com)
In my router i port forward 449 on the NAS 323 ip address.
THen i try to connect my ftp (ftp://mydomain.com:449) and i receive error message error connection.
Then i try to connect using (ftp://mydomain.com) and i can log in to my router FTP server.

WHy i cannot read NAS 323 FTP server.
Any step i miss out?

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morsunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would try to set it up on port 21, just to see if it works...
Check if you have firewall enabled, try turning it off on your router/PC.
tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
i turn my firewall off already.
what else i miss out
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tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
No it doesnt work.
please give some experts opinion
Maybe silly question, but sometimes work, did you click on a button 'start ftp server' in advanced tab - ftp server and status is other than stopped?
tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
yes i did that also...
tankergoblinAuthor Commented:
can you please state down all the possibilities?
so that i can give you points as soon as possible
Did you ever manage to connect to this FTP? For example from local lan and local IP address? Your configuration seems to be OK.
It appears that the D-Link DNS 323 has inherent problems with FTP access that will need to be addressed in a firmware update.  I don't recall the specifics, but I recall reading extensive threads about the issues at the Dlink Support forum.  I have been able to connect to my DNS 323 via FTP (port 21) sending data over an unencrypted channel.  Unfortunately, the SSL/TSL option seems to be unsupported as of yet, even though the option is available within the NAS configuration panel.

Hence, without a secure channel, I won't be using my 323 as an FTP server, and therefore have closed my port 21 on my router.
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