I would like to deny the videos like youtube or use ares

I have a little company, we are about 45 employes, but now somebody likes to go youtube and watchs videos like that. Also likes to download programs and other thinks with a software called Ares.

I am using a wirelles Router WRT54G2, and i know these are specifics service that i don't want.
What kind of services do i have to deny?

Whatch the imagen.
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qualchoice-itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Go to a site called http://www.opendns.com (Its free, all you have to do is setup an account) and setup a forwarder in your DNS to point to their DNS.  Let me know if you need anymore help
You aren't going to be able to stop that with the options you have under services.   It would essentially be  HTTP, and if you did that, you would halt most internet traffic on port 80.  Same for downloading.  

Try using the option below it to block the URL address.  

For more sophistication, look into using a Proxy server.

atlas_shudderedSr. Network EngineerCommented:
Alternatively, you could upgrade your router to something with a content filter and a little more horsepower.  Try looking at something like Sonicwall or Firebox.
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Sorry to say, I entirely agree with the above two.

"Youtube" videos are not a separate "service" in IP terms, they are data being sent to your web browser by a web server, i.e. they are HTTP or HTTPS, and if you block those, you will get NO web access at all.

You could ban access for any service to the Youtube IP address (or addresses, if there arn't too many) but the problem is that'd only stop Youtube, it wouldn't stop people accessing other similar sites.

if you want that level of control the best route would be to install a full monty firewall like a Sonicwall TZ series, with their Content Filtering system and Application Firewall. This will give you a checkbox to tick with thing "You tube and similar video" as one or two easily identifiable subheadings.

But don't overlook the NON-technical solution.

I had a customer who wanted to do exactly the same last year and they could NOT afford the content filtering option for their firewall. We just composed an Acceptable Use Policy outlining what staff were and were not allowed to do whilst on company computers and internet connections, that it was a disciplinary  offence to break the policy, and they all stopped doing it at once. Oh, there was the occasional breach, usally cos someone would click on a "hey look at this" type email from a mate without realising it was a video link, but the massive use of bandwidth for Youtube stopped as soon as the AUP was published.  Give it a go - cheap! :-)

If you alreayd have an AUP, modify it to exclude Youtube (and similar). If it does already, just circulate a memo reminding people it's not in their interest to use these sites. Remind them too that you can tell from central logs who is using them....

Here is a screen shot of my settings, you can Ad-hoc any domain you want to block

I completely agree with CCOMELY.  An AUP is the way to go!    Content filtering becomes an issue in itself when the boss wants access but certain other people shouldn't and all the other customization/administration that comes with it (PITA) :-\  
felnyAuthor Commented:
You are great man. Excellent solution. Thank you very much !!!!!  
felnyAuthor Commented:
There is something that i don't understand   *** "qualchoice-it:" ***. When i make modification, it tooks more time that you can imagine. How can i refresh more quicly?
Can you explain in a little more detail on what your doing?  thanks
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