Benefits of running XenApp 5.0 on Windows 2008 over 2003?

Hi Guys

We will be upgrading our Citrix environment from 4.5 Ent to 5.0 Enterprise, but we are not sure whether to upgrade the OS from 2003 to 2008 at the same time.

Does anyone know of any advantages to running XenApp 5.0 on Windows 2008 to 2003?
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Performance Improvements
XenApp 5 includes these significant overall performance improvements:

Farm scalability: Reductions in Independent Management Architecture (IMA) service start time, discovery time, application resolution and enumeration time, and server enumeration time.

Data store sizing: Reductions in installation time and XenApp Advanced Configuration start time.

Single server scalability: With over 50 users launching applications simultaneously, application launch time decreases by over 50 percent.

Application streaming: Significant improvements in application launch time on both servers and laptops

Single sign-on: Significant reductions of plug-in logon time for Active Directory and file server central stores and of plug-in response time for Windows, Web, and Java applications.

Enhanced Security
XenApp 5 provides the following security enhancements:

Support for Windows Server 2008 security enhancements, including Microsoft User Account Control (UAC).

Citrix XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps now supports IPv6 via the Secure Gateway feature of XenApp. It provides the ability to connect to published applications from a pure IPv6-only based network using the XenApp Plugin. It also improves connectivity and mobility by supporting a higher number of client devices and their unique static IPv6 addresses.

Enhanced security (or hardening) of XenApp services. For example, new functionality adds extended command-line parameter validation for applications launched by file type association.

Support for Microsoft Data Execution Prevention (DEP) hardware and software technology.

User Access and Experience
XenApp 5 provides the following enhancements to improve the experience of end users.

The XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps and the Web Interface offer new features such as Special Folder Redirection and ClearType font smoothing.

XenApp supports the Windows Vista Security Guide, including its Enterprise Client (EC) and Specialized Security-Limited Functionality (SSLF) templates.

The Web Interface now supports any device that authenticates using the RADIUS authentication protocol, including RADIUS servers.

The Web Interface application presentation has been redesigned to provide more functionality and an enhanced user experience. For details, see the Web Interface Administrator's Guide.

XPS Printing support. XenApp uses this printing specification in addition to the current Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF) protocol.

Optimized Support for Media Software
XenApp 5 optimizes the latest releases of the following software:

SpeedScreen Flash Acceleration now supports Adobe Flash Player, Versions 8 to 10

Multimedia Acceleration now supports Windows Media Player 9, Windows Media Player 10, Real Player, and any DirectShow Based Media Players

SpeedScreen Browser Acceleration now supports Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Outlook 2003, and Windows Mail
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