SSRS formatting questions

How can a grand total in SSRS be given double underline? Thanks.
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Auric1983Connect With a Mentor Commented:
on properties > Border STyle click the + button to expand it there will be a "border width" and it will be set to 1pt

just change that to 3pt and you should see results
Auric1983Connect With a Mentor Commented:
if you right click on the box textbox/field that you have the values in on the right hand side (properties) you should have a BORDER STYLE area, you can pick double line there i believe
ksfokAuthor Commented:
I found this thread:
But how can the said line width be adjusted?
ksfokAuthor Commented:
Sorry it still shows as one single line after I did as said.
VikramMullickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hope you are setting both the properties and  not one to desired textbox.
Set border width = "3pt"
set border style = "Double"

It should give desired result.
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