What is /etc/defaultrouter file in Solaris 10?

I tried adding new gateway to my system.. using this way

#route add default
#echo "" > /etc/defaultrouter

My network connectivity was not working, the moment I did 'rm /etc/defaultrouter' my network connectivity works well and fine, Would really appreciate if someone can explain me what is happening beneath and what is the use of /etc/defaultrouter. Thanks!
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TintinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
/etc/defaultrouter  is the file you set the IP address of your default gateway.  If network connectivity wasn't working when you had it, then you must of used the wrong IP address.
omarfaridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you describe in more details what you had in it before removing it and what is the output of

ifconfig -a
netstat -rn

Are you using static IP address for your network interface or DHCP?
joules17Connect With a Mentor Commented:
also when you  added the /etc/defaultrouter,
try and ping the address and see if it is pingable.
beer9Author Commented:
Thanks! :-)
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