How to change time in Small Business Server 2003?

how to change time in my SBS 2003 Server. When I tried to do that from time options if goes back to wrong time.
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suppsawsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello mob_dream,


blissbearConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it change to the proper time then change back or does it never change.

You may not have permission to set the system time if it doesn't actually change.

You may have your system set to sync to a time server that is giving you the wrong time.

You may have your system set to the wrong time zone.
check your timezone
mob_dreamAuthor Commented:
when I change time it changed but it gets back to old time (one hour late).
theoaksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
have you turned off the setting "automatically ajust clock for daylight savings time"? that option will only be available if you select a timezone that has daylight savings. ie sydney

also doe sit change at log on/log off? or just as soon as you click ok it changes back?

could be a login script somewhere that resyncs your clock to a main servers time.
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