ePO listening IP (conflict when have more than one NIC?)

Hi experts,

Lately I see that my servers managed under ePO were not doing the DAT upgrades as scheduled, and I think the reason for that is because the ePO server was added a new NIC and IP.

Previously, my network consist of only one LAN (LAN A - class B).  Then we added another group of machines (LAN B - class C) as well as adding a NIC to ePO server to manage them.  I see that when I start ePO, highlight the server, under the "Setting" tab, it shows the ePO's IP as what I added later on (LAN B - class C).  Since then, the machines from LAN A seems not doing anymore DAT update.

I wonder if that has happend to anyone else before?  How did you resolve that?  Was I doing it wrong by just adding another NIC to manage the newly-added group, while I should have build another ePO server for LanB , receive replicate from the master (Lan A)?

Thank you very much!
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legalsrlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Evening all,

Firstly, the best practice here is to deploy a Super Agent to a machine in the additional subnet and leave ePO exactly the way it was.

The Superagent is basically a miniature ePO that allows you to limit the traffic from your new subnet as all the agents will talk to the Superagent rather than the ePO server

The Superagent will then check in to the ePO server

I would take the additional NIC out of the server and use a Super Agent

let me know if you need more instructions

Check this link out


There is a description of how to bind your EPO server to a certain NIC.
wingkchanAuthor Commented:
Kentrix70 thanks for the reference.  If I'd read this post earlier, I could have try out the IP set on the server.ini file.... what I did right now was temporarily disabled the new NIC, so the ePO server falls back to the original IP... then I push install the agents all over again to the machines.  This solved the update problem on Lan A.

but as for Lan B  (new group of computers that has no connection to Lan A), do you know what's the best way to manage them?
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I am not sure this is possible with EPO.
Have you considered setting up a router to connect the 2 networks.
Then all your clients could point to the same EPO server,
and things would be just routed as needed.
I could help you out with a network setup, if you wish.

The router, which is default gateway for the machines on the LAN B,
would need a route statement to know, that this new router is the gateway
to your LAN A, where the EPO-server resides.
wingkchanAuthor Commented:
I am afraid that I can't try out your recommendation Ken.  The Lan B servers were added to our office from another business department.  We only host them in our computer room, do their backups, and keep their anti-virus up-to-date. Other usage and developments are not part of our manage scoop, so I try not to mess with their network infrastructure.

But thank you kindly for your offer to help.
You could do the reverse of my suggestion.
Put the EPO-server on the LAN B,
and setup a router to deal with traffic from your LAN A.
Then you should add a route on the default gateway for your lan,
and in that way, you could get the same result.
wingkchanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Legalsrl for your suggestion.  I was thinking about using the SuperAgent to keep the machines on another location secured.  I will consider that when that project is underway.  thanks!
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