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How would I configure a Cisco 2620 router to connect my home network to a DSL Bridge?

The providor has told me I am DHCP (automatic setup), and that I don't need to input a username/password for them. They don't support PPPOE. I know some basic configuration commands, as I've started working on the CCNA. What I'd like to do is use the Cisco 2924 switch which I use in my network along with the Cisco 2620 and the providers bridge to replace my previous providers DSL Router. With the previous provider, I had simply plugged their DSL Router into the switch's wan port. As I said, my knowledge at this point is limited.
1 Solution
"the switch's wan port" ...

switch's dont have wan ports. Routers have wan ports.

I'm guessing what you want to do is something like this:

int fa0/0
ip address dhcp
no shutdown
ip nat outside
int fa0/1
ip address
no shutdown
ip nat inside

ip nat bla bla bla (configure a dhcp pool, assign it to your fa0/1).

Although, there's a chance it wont work. For example, the 850 series routers, have one with ethernet WAN, one with DSL wan, one with 3G wan... etc...

I'm not sure off the top of my head that the 2620 supports a DSL wan.

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