Printing Issues in Citrix

I am currently trying to make sense of several issues with regards to printing from within Citrix.
We have a citrix farm with 11 servers in it.
Using Presentation Server 4.5

We are also using HP 9050 and 9500 MFP's in the environment.

When users are trying to print, some of them are getting error messages prompting them to install printers.  They have their list of default printers, but they are grayed out and not usable.
Some of the users are getting their list of printers, but when they try and print they are getting the following error message.

Function address 0x70f272a caused a protection fault

The confusing aspect is that it doesnt effect all users,  just some random users.

Printers are allocated based on Organizational Units in Active Directory.

We have cleaned all the drivers out on the servers, and installed up to date drivers from HP and Universal drivers from Citrix and still the problems persist.

Anyone any ideas?  

Many thanks in advance.
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Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
Are you using the citrix UPD for these printers?

These seems like an issue with different drivers on different servers and things like that.  For these printers, unless you need some specific functionality, I would imagine the citrix UPD would work great.  

Are these client printers or are you running some sort of script based on the OU's?
Lamont77Author Commented:
Thanks for reply,  sorry i havent gotten back sooner, was tearing my hair out rebuilding the printing solution.
We werent using the UPD, as the genius who first installed the solution (before i arrived) decided that the HP drivers would work perfectly well.
We did have the printing set up as a cluster within citrix,  but having spoken to a few "experts" on citrix printing,  have been told that this "can" be unstable at times.
Have blown away the printing cluster and implemented a single standalone print server outside of citrix, with matched drivers both on the server and within citrix.
So far it appears to be stable, but according to some colleagues, this may not last too long as there are historic problems with this one client.
Anyone out there experienced problems with clustered print servers within citrix, and if so how did you resolve it? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  
We are having the same exact problems that you are are having and we have been battling this issue for months now. If I had hair, I would be pulling it out! We had a cluster PS and decided to remove it from the cluster and build a new VM print server. The first one that we built seemed to work fine but then over time our users would get the same problems as before. That's when we built another VM print server and still the same issues. With the new printer server, their were new drivers on both the PS and the 5 meta servers. Still to this day we have printing issues. If you would like, I can give you my number and we can sit down and talk about some problems that both of us might be having. Just let me know. Thanks!
Lamont77Author Commented:
Thanks for proving my sanity FBTC.  Can I ask you a quick question?  I have a sneaking suspicion that the problem is somehow related to the TRIM document store that our client uses.  Would be interested to find out if you have the same (or similar) setup.  

The reason I ask is that the only way we can get users full printing access is to open up notepad or internet explorer (which work without any trim integration) open up file, print and then add the printers in that way.  Thats what alerted me to a potential trim issue.

Will await your reply with interest.  Thanks
Lamont77Author Commented:
Have been unable to find a definitive answer to this problem.
In the end,  have removed the print cluster,  put a standalone server and cleaned out each user's NTUSER.dat file of any previous references to the old print cluster.

Used HP approved citrix drivers and so far so good.

(although I am expecting this to eventually need more attention at some point in the future)

Thanks to FBTC for his input

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