Dead Acer Laptops 3000 & 7000 Series

Hi All,

I have 2 laptops sat here and both are failing to power on, they were working fine last week and suddenly have decided to not power on anymore, i have changed the power supplys for good ones but still no joy, i have removed the battery etc but still no joy.
When i plug in the mains the battery light comes on to say the battery is charging but do not get any response from pushing the power button.

Any ideas?
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LolashConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

None of the solutions worked, these laptops ended up in the bin i'm afraid.
Plug it in and let it charge for a few hours, then try to power on.
Regards, nbhu
LolashAuthor Commented:
Sorry i did that, it's actually still on now from the a day ago
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How old are the batteries?
Can you measure the voltage on the contacts of the battery?
How long did they operate without being connected to the mains?
Were you able to operate the laptop without battery before the failure?

LolashAuthor Commented:
I've changed the batteries for good ones still no joy.

Could the motherboard have fried ?
Are the battery contacts clean?
Possibly moisture in the environment?
Mechanical damage, something broken inside?
Regards, nbhu
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