get email of user using

i wanto to send user my webpage link from email
when user click link it go to my page and that page i want to display
user's email who click that link
how i did this using
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QPRConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could include it in the link they sent you like....

then on your aspx page you could get the address by saying....
theEmail = request.querystring("email")
you cannot get their email address unless they give it to you.
Email addresses are not held in http headers
chandresh43Author Commented:
but there is 50000 user i want to sent link
its not possible to sent every user with email like
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then you need to think of something else. Store email addresses in a database and write something to loop through them all creating email links with ids. It is impossible to find out someones email address without them supplying it
chandresh43Author Commented:
ok i store email in sql server
thin make loop that change web link to user email
but how i sent email to 50000 user
user my domain
using c#

chandresh43Author Commented:
Lbluseremail.Text = Request.QueryString("email");

it give me error
Error      1      Non-invocable member 'System.Web.HttpRequest.QueryString' cannot be used like a method.
The error occurs because you are using paranthesis. You must use it like this:

Lbluseremail.Text = Request.QueryString["email"];

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