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Which codec package do I need?

I have a new HTPC that will be doing everything from playing x264 Movies and Blu Ray Discs through VMC. Which is the best codec package that I need to download, is it K-Lite Codec Pack?

Also my motherboard manual states the following:

Please note the HDMI audio output only supports AC3, DTS and 2-channel-LPCM
formats. (AC3 and DTS require the use of an external decoder for decoding.)

Which codecs will I need to install for this? or do they come with K-Lite, assuming that is the best one....
1 Solution
i have found that this player has all the codecs you will need.  It plays just about everything.  http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
CiaranDeAuthor Commented:
Yes I am aware of VLC. I need codecs though for Windows Media Player, as I will be using VMC.
CiaranDeAuthor Commented:
Ok. So i have ordered my HTPC.....

HTPC  Vista Ultimate (VMC)

CPU: AMD 7750
Gigabyte Neon 8-BL Heatsink
RAM: 2GB 800 Kingston
CASE: Antec NSK1480
TV: Leadtek DTV1000S
KB/M: Logitceh Dinovo Mini

Now, there are some things I need to know:

- Which is the best codec package to install on Vista Ultimate that will allow the best playback for VMC/WMP in all HD formats, such as x264, VLC-1, Blu Ray discs etc. etc.
- My onboard HDMI states that for AC3, DTS audio, the proper decoders need to be installed. Which are these?
- I have got the updated catalyst drivers from ATI. Do I need to install any extra programs such as AVIVO Package, Hydravision Package, CoreAVC, PowerDVD, Hardware Accelerator Codecs etc. etc.
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EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
I highly recommend k-light from free-codecs.com
First the idea of codecs can be misleading,
media players  and decoders will provide the codecs,
the Klite is an all in one and you need be aware that in order to use "it's codecs"  if you already have the codecs installed it will request you uninstall those so don't go there since you have Vista ultimate.

Vista Ultimate should have all the necessary codecs already installed.
The suitable drivers included with all the hardware onboard

Vista is the first OS from MS that supports HD video straight up. It includes the HD player something like Cinema ?
Your onboard sound card will have the decoder the media control panel that will support the HD audio content, however Vista also has issues with the standard DVD AC3 audio and the onboard HD the solution was to use the generic audio otherwise ti may not play right.

FFDSHOW is the codec that should fix all that,
that is the main tool offered anyway in all those codecs packs
otherwise Vista  will offer the url to install decoder or media player.
NOTE they require you remove the default installed Vista codecs I donot recomend that as that is part of your system
just ensure you have the updates and these
quicktime pro
divx player
TV: Leadtek DTV1000S<< you'll need to connect this to an outdoor antennai digital if you plan on capturing live TV on your desktop, it comes with it's own PVR.
Victoria good we are both in australia
I have a winfast xp2000  from Leadtec lol a bit outdated to yours.
But the reception up here  near cairns is not very good.
Clouds and rain.
If I can help on anything let me know

CiaranDeAuthor Commented:
Hmm kool. so FFDSHOW does it all. Thanks, I will get onto that. And as far as the TV tuner goes, I think im going to go ahead and get it. It will be plugged into an antenna on the roof (outside). Some people have said its no good and the hauppauge is better, but i cannot afford this. The leadteak one does everything I need and supporst Windows Vista, so i dont know what could be wrong with it....
CiaranDeAuthor Commented:
Do I need to install any extra programs such as AVIVO Package, Hydravision Package, CoreAVC, PowerDVD, Hardware Accelerator Codecs etc. etc.
Digital TV is not fully developed in Australia yet and the main problems is reception clouds effect the reception.
With the avivo pack, Hydravision Package etc what are you planning on doing with video editing?
I'll can't actually answer that but the Tv card will come with all the necessary WDM Integrated Drivers.
Just update them where necessary only. Not all updates these days are good thing.
Remember your Vista uses directx 10 now
What problems you experience fix them as you go so I'd wait on installing  those packs until you need them.
The balance of how much ram with the PSU and the quality of parts is the true performance tester.
Vista is not a really fast system
Use a secondary hard drive to store your temp files, with HD video and software keep your C drive as free as possible and defragged
Power DVD is a decoder unless you have it bundled  with the DVD rom burner  there are others free like VLC  Nero showtime MPC Quicktime  and so on.
What do you currently have  bundled with Vista and the DVD rom?
the Nero suite ,? Roxio? Power Producer? Adobe?
There should be a suitable DVD decoder for blueray, be aware there is problems with blueray discs as once again technology is ahead of the times and not truely tested.
For converting the videos just select what capture formats you prefer from the PVR then use your default authoring tool
On the video help page I linked you for ffdshow there is a huge range of free software and help guides on just about any topic to do with video editing including HD and blueray.
I use Super it's quick and efficient for converting most standard video formats and free
Gspot to analyse my videos very handy
ht joiner splitter to split files but Nero and most Video editing tools use a video timeline for  DVD video with chapters and menues
My personal preference is leadtec over hauppauge.
 I'll refer you to this extract,
ATI Catalyst 8.12 Multi-Core CPU
Note: All-in-Wonder" boards operate with AMD Windows Vista-Ready Display Drivers under the Windows Vista Operating System.
keep these for later
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