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Setup a domain for testing that will also be used at a remote site

Last Modified: 2012-05-06
Is it possible to setup a domain for testing and once all the computers have been joined to then ship them to a remote site and they will automatically login to the domain.
The test domain and the remote domain being the same domain?
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No computers will not automatically "join a domain". Even  if you create a test domain with the sae name as another domain then the domain SID etc will be dfifferent. Once a domain controler is set up then you will need to join the clients to it using the GUI or I suppose you cound use the NETDOM command , either way its not automatic

You may need to be a little more specific.

Do you mean to say that you're going to set up a domain (is it part of a forest, its own forest?), once you have it configured--including the workstations--can you shut it down and move it?  Yes.  But, you'll also need to make sure that you have the rest of the infrastructure in place, e.g. that DHCP is set up correctly, or static IPs, that the switches and routers are configured to support the network, etc.


Each domain is setup as its own forest when we do an install.
My concern is to find a way to set it up as a separate domain in the main office so we can install printers, shares, and setup profiles and then when it gets to the site that it can have everything ready to go without having to rejoin the domain and install everything over.

You can do that.  It comes down to your network infrastructure and connectivity to any WAN/remote services.  You may need to change the IP addresses, DNS forwarders, etc., depending.  But you can certainly set up servers, workstations, etc. in one location and pick them up and move them.  


Setup at the main office would be for a specific county with its own separate domain lan.
Main office is not connected to the county offices via a wan.
Once the systems  have been installed we would like to setup the same domain at the main office so that when we ship them a replacement computer all they have to do is plug it in and login to the domain.
Is this possible?
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Would I need to use vb script to join the domain or could I do it through a batch file and if so can you provide a script to do this?
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