Drobo breaking share periodically on Windows Server 2003


Don't know how many of you uses a product called "Drobo" - it is a big storage device that uses up to 4 hard drives, and it kind of acts like a RAID-5 (but isn't) and gives redundancy backup capabilities.

I purchased the Drobo 2nd generation (wish I can have my money back) and it's been nothing but headaches.

The biggest problem is I don't think it behaves well with Windows (particularly Windows Server 2003) - it breaks network share periodically that I needed to reset.

For example:

Let's say I created a fold named "shared" under the folder "storage" and shared both of them; the link is \\server\storage\shared - where shared is our company files.  So both \\server\storage\shared and \\server\shared will work

However, let's say on individual client machines there's mapped drive that goes to \\serve\storage\shared - one day I come in and it won't work, get nothing but blank or say network resources not available.  Long story short the fix is: use the other link \\server\shared (instead of \\server\storage\shared) and it will work.... until the next time it won't work which the "fix" is to revert back to the previous link.

Obviously this is a hassle for all of us at the company.  Drobo support is useless and incompetent.  Thought there are people in here that have better insights.

Windows Server 2003, 4 GB of Ram, Xeon CPU

Drobo 2nd Generation USB 2.0
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CCEF_GuyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Anyway, guess I'm out of luck here, thanks all
I know this is not what you want to hear but here goes anyway.
I have worked with a large number of Drobo's and USB external drives.
All of the Drobo's are on a shelf right now and I have gone to SATA technology for external drives when that type of technology is needed.  In my opinion, USB external drives have absolutely no place in a business environment.  Save yourself alot of pain and let it go.  
CCEF_GuyAuthor Commented:
You know what, I completely concur.  However, since we don't have the money to expand, I'm tasked to try to fix it (if ever possible.)
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OK.  Lets go there but I feel that it will be a "band-aid".
How often does this issue happen?  Is it random?
CCEF_GuyAuthor Commented:
yes, very random, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month, sometimes once every two months.  I had that thing for 8 months.

Definitely happens when I have to power-cycle the attached server and it reconnects itself.
Way back in the day, I used a workaround for losing mapped drives by putting a shortcut to a batch file on the user's desktop that was called "Fix Mapped Drives"
If the drive letter was S: for example, I would use the script that I just attached.
Then I inform users that if they have an issue connecting to their files, to simply run that icon.
You can also put a drive delete command in your login script that might be helpful also.
Just like the code for the "band-aid" fix.  
Net use S: /delete /y
Net use S: \\servername\sharename /y

Open in new window

Oh,  you don't need the /y on line 2.  Sorry bout that.
CCEF_GuyAuthor Commented:
well.... thanks and I've already done that... I'm actually looking for a solution.... but I guess I see that you don't believe there is one... I'm hoping there is....

Let me wait on this and if not then I'll credit you with the points since you have been kind enough to care and post numerously here.

I suppose I'm just a bit biased on the subject of external USB storage.  I don't do it at all and would not recommend it.  Just try to think outside of the box if there is not a solution to this.  Sometimes the solution is something completely different.  For instance putting a 1TB internal drive inside of your server.  They are not very expensive anymore.
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