Video Codecs - Codecs Installed when installing Video Card Drivers Do Not Work

Hi all,

I installed a new Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 AGP video card into my PC and although I believe that the card supports video playback when dual monitors are being used II have had a problem getting any videos to play correctly. It seems to be something to do with what's installed when the drivers are installed.

After getting nowhere with the used XP installation I had before installing the card, I formatted the drive and re-installed XP/SP2

After XP was installed I went into Display Properties and I could change the resolution up high and as I have two monitors, without installing the vid card drivers, the same thing was displayed on both screens at a resolution of 1280 x 1024 on both monitors.

Before installing the video drivers I could only get the same thing on both screens. I installed the Xvid Codec and played a movie and it worked fine, I could see the movie full screen on both screens. But I need to have split screens so I can watch a movie on one screen and do work on the other.

So the only option I could see was to install the drivers. So I installed the drivers and rebooted. Now when I went into Display Properties - Settings I had the option to use separate displays, great (I thought) but then when I tried to play any of my movies all I get is a green screen instead of the movie. (The sound is fine)

Ok I thought, I just need to install the correct codec for the video. So I tried and nothing changed. Then I installed a codec Pack (K-Light Codec Pack) but this made no difference either.

And that's where I'm at. Everything apart from video playback seems to work ok.
I have tried VLC Player, KM Player as well as WMP and nothing shows the video, just bright green where the video should be. I also have Nero installed and although the Video player that is used to watch videos does the same green screen thing. The video priview plays the video ok but just in a space of no more than 2 cm x 1.5 cm

Flash movies play fine but any online video other than flash movies give me the green screen.

I looked in Device Manager under Video Codecs and have all these:
DivX 6.8.5
ffdshow video encoder
Indeo video 5.10
Xvid MPEG-4 Video Codec 1.2.1

I tried removing ones before, rebooted and nothng.

When I installed the cards drivers I noticed that it installed ATI Avivo Codecs but don't know what these are or how to uninstall them?

I managed to locate the folder on the Video Cards CD, copied the folder to the local drive and installed it from there and I'll attach this so hopefully it helps. Ok that doesn't work coz of the files it contains .dl_ etc so if it helps I'll upload it to a different place and post the link afterwards.
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I *think* you want the one under NF7-S 2.0 about halfway down the page
TezdreadAuthor Commented:
This is the zip containing all the files etc that get installed when I install the drivers
This guy had a similar issue which he claims was resolved by installing/updating the PC's chipset drivers. What model PC do you have?
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TezdreadAuthor Commented:
Hi tplaya07, yes that sure seems to be the same issue.

I Ran Belarc Advisor and this is what it returned:
Board: (nVidia-nForce2) 2.X
Bus Clock: 166 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 07/24/2003

I went to the address supplied but it's a dead link and I couldn't find Nf7 in the list on the abit site?
TezdreadAuthor Commented:
Just ran through DXDIAG screens/tests and all the tests I could perform came back successful.
As with the other persons issue, the "agp texture acceleration" was disabled. But it also says that they think that making changes to Catalyst helped ["I went right underneath Catalyst to control the SmartGart since the agp was turned. Wow. we believe that did not work."]
TezdreadAuthor Commented:
"also says that they think that making changes to Catalyst helped"

I meant also says that they think that making changes to Catalyst didn't help.
TezdreadAuthor Commented:
Ok there seems to be a problem with the chipset file for download and I've been unable to download it :-/

Going to the page you gave me and scrolling down to

Motherboard>Socket A>NF7-S V2.0
I try to download nForce Chipset Driver

Tried these links but they all fail to connect to the file:

I've searched on google but all the references point back to those links above that don't work?
TezdreadAuthor Commented:
ok I think I found the file on another site and DL'ing now
tplaya07Commented: can try this one..

You might need to reinstall Catalyst drivers/program after you install this.
TezdreadAuthor Commented:
:) Well tplaya07 I think that was an easy 500 points for you ;)
You gave the help, you provided a solution and everything is working so you get the's worth it because I bought the card and a second monitor over 6 months ago (costing approx £200) with the primary reason being that I wanted to watch videos on one screen and work etc on the second screen and now I can! Thank you tplaya07 made my day!
TezdreadAuthor Commented:
All Good thank you!
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