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Posted on 2009-04-06
Last Modified: 2013-11-27
I am reading a file from richtextbox with streamreader.While reading the file if certain condition is met I am jumping out of the sub by exit sub.i need to again go back to the sub and begin reading the file from that line.Can anybody help me in that code attached.
Don't know how to declare streamreader
Public Sub Get_SQL_Line(ByRef SQL As String)

        Dim EOFile As Boolean

        Dim CreateStatement As Boolean

        Dim CommentBlock As Boolean

        Dim StoredProcedure As Boolean

        Dim strreader As New IO.StreamReader(TempSQLPath)


              If NextLine = String.Empty Then

                NextLine = strreader.ReadLine()

                LineNo += 1

            End If


                CurrLine = NextLine

                If strreader.EndOfStream Then

                      If NextLine = String.Empty Then Exit Sub

                    If NextLine = vbNewLine Then Exit Sub

                    If NumLines = LineNo Then EOFile = True

                    NextLine = String.Empty


                    NextLine = strreader.ReadLine

                    LineNo += 1

                End If

                'Create statement block

                If Trim(UCase(Left(CurrLine, 16))) = "CREATE PROCEDURE" OrElse Trim(UCase(Left(CurrLine, 14))) = "CREATE TRIGGER" OrElse Trim(UCase(Left(CurrLine, 11))) = "CREATE VIEW" Then

                    CreateStatement = True

                End If

                If Trim(UCase(Left(CurrLine, 15))) = "ALTER PROCEDURE" OrElse Trim(UCase(Left(CurrLine, 7))) = "DECLARE" Then

                    StoredProcedure = True

                End If

                If Trim(UCase(Left(CurrLine, 2))) = "GO" Then

                    StoredProcedure = False

                End If

                'Comment block

                ' added OrElse Right(Trim(CurrLine), 2) = "*/"

                If Left(Trim(CurrLine), 2) = "/*" OrElse Right(Trim(CurrLine), 2) = "*/" Then

                    If Not StoredProcedure Then

                        CommentBlock = True 'Note that SQL Server/Oracle scripts file may have comments formatted as /*  comment */

                    End If

                End If

                If CommentBlock Then

                    'If InStr(CurrLine, "*/") > 0 Then

                    If CurrLine.IndexOf("*/") > 0 Then

                        CurrLine = Trim(Right(CurrLine, Len(CurrLine) - (InStr(CurrLine, "*/") + 1)))

                        CommentBlock = False

                    End If

                End If

                If Not CommentBlock Then

                    If Right(CurrLine, 1) = ";" Then

                        SQL = CurrLine

                    ElseIf NextLine.Trim = ";" Then

                        SQL = CurrLine

                        NextLine = String.Empty

                    ElseIf (NextLine.Trim = "" AndAlso Not StoredProcedure) Then

                        SQL = CurrLine

                        NextLine = String.Empty

                    ElseIf (NextLine.Trim).ToUpper = "GO" Then

                        SQL = CurrLine

                        NextLine = String.Empty

                    ElseIf (Not CreateStatement AndAlso CheckNextLine(CurrLine, NextLine) AndAlso Not StoredProcedure) Then

                        SQL = CurrLine

                    ElseIf Not EOFile Then

                        If CurrLine <> "" Then


                        End If

                        If NextLine <> "" Then


                        End If

                        NextLine = CurrLine & vbNewLine & NextLine



                        SQL = CurrLine

                    End If

                End If

                If (arrNextLine.Count = 0 AndAlso CurrLine <> "") Then


                End If

                SQL = CleanSQL(SQL)

                If EOFile Then Exit Sub

                          Loop While SQL = String.Empty

        Catch ex As Exception


        End Try

    End Sub

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You could open the streamreader before entering your subroutine, then when you leave it because the condition is met, you can call the subroutine with the same streamreader which will remain at the position when you left it.

Sub DoStuff()

  Dim filePath As String

  Dim reader As New StreamReader(filePath)

  While (DoRead(reader))

    ' Exited DoRead due to condition found

    ' More logic here

    ' DoRead will be called until the condition isn't met, and the

    ' file has been fully read

  End While


End Sub

Function DoRead(reader As StreamReader) As Boolean

  ' You reader logic goes here

  ' If the condition is met, return True to leave the function

  Return False

End Function

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