Exchange 2003 OWA HTTP 400 Bad Request


After upgrading WSUS from 1.0 to 3.0 SP1, we are now getting an HTTP 400 Bad Request when trying to access the Small Business Server 2003 Remote Web Workplace.  We uninstalled the old WSUS, and reinstalled the newer version.  Nothing was done with IIS which both depend on.

Thanks for your help,
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Did you follow the guide for updating WSUS on SBS 2003? If not then you need to.
After installing it, did you run the Configure Internet and Email wizard again? If not I would suggest that you do.


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miket71Author Commented:
I just read the following guide:

Installing Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0 on Windows Small Business Server 2003, but it only explained how to update WSUS from SBS 2003 SP1 to SBS 2003 R2.  We were wondering if there is a better guide out there.

We currently run SBS 2003 with SP2.  We have never run the Configure Internet and Email wizard before.  Is there a video or online demo that we can view someplace on the web?  We aren't onsite everyday where the server is.  We will have to run that again the next time we are there.

Thanks for your help.
That is the Microsoft guide.
WSUS integration though only occurs on SBS 2003 R2. If it is RTM then you do not get the integration.
The SBS Best Practises tool (free download from Microsoft) will flag whether anything is wrong.

The Configure Internet and Email wizard is one of the most critical wizards on the server. If it has never been run then you may have some problems further down the line. If the server has been configured by hand, rather than using the wizards then someone comes along who uses the wizards the configuration of the server can go haywire. One of my key things is cleaning up SBS servers, I do two or three a month for various clients and if the wizard hasn't been run I usually end up having to do a clean up on the server in other areas which takes a few hours. It is worth it though, as the server usually runs better than it did before.

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miket71Author Commented:
We're not sure if the server is RTM.  Not all that familiar with 2003 SBS SP2 in comparison with regular 2003 Server R2 SP2.  What does RTM mean?  We're not sure if the wizard was run at all on the server either.  Is there any evidence to prove either way?  We will try running the SBS Best Practices tool instead, and see what it finds.

The server does take a very long time to shut down and/or restart.  Does your cleanup procedure help speed up rebooting time?  What do you charge when cleaning up an SBS server for another client if you don't mind us asking?

Thanks Simon
RTM is the originally released version of SBS, (with or without service packs) whereas R2 is the later version that was re-released with WSUS integrated and a few other bits and pieces. Right click on My Computer and choose Properties. Look at the version. If it is says R2 then it is the version that can have WSUS integrated, if it does not, then it cannot and you have to run WSUS in the same way as you do on regular servers.

The best practises tool will tell if you if the wizards were never run.
When I have finished cleaning up a server the complete cycle time (obviously hardware dependant) from pressing the button to start the shutdown to being back at the ctrl-alt-del prompt is usually less than four minutes. I can make it even shorter by running a script to shutdown Exchange first.

As for what I charge, I am in the UK, so it isn't really appropriate, but is usually about UK£500 if I can do it remotely.
One of the biggest cleanups I ever did I actually blogged about:

miket71Author Commented:
Hi Simon,

Well, the Default Web Site was Stopped, so after starting it, the Remote Web Workplace is running again.  Not sure how or why it stopped.  At least this proves that WSUS didn't change a setting somewhere within the Default Web Site parameters.

We are running the SBS best practices utility today to see what that finds.  Hopefully it will help determine why the server cannot shut down or restart without holding the power button for 5 seconds to make it power off.

miket71Author Commented:
We ended up discovering that the Default Web Site was stopped.  When we started it, all was well again.
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