VOIP in a Small Office

We have 6 computers in an active directory domain with two servers using DSL 5mb/896 I was thinking about setting up an asterisk box and using voip for our 6 people. I was wondering if anyone has any idea if this is going to work I know the 5 MB is okay not sure about the 896kb.
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ehatchellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It has the potential to work, the 896k is your upload limitation, and if this were solely handling calls (assuming your using a SIP provider), it is enough considering you'll probably be using G729 and compressing each call to about ~40k or less.  If you're using local analog, then its not an issue as you won't be passing call out the internet pipe would be my guess.  Providers I would suggest are Speakeasy and Broadvox.
However, for your LAN, anything is fine these days, just try and setup some type of quality of service.  For the router, also set up QoS so someone uploading a file doesn't stomp on your connection.
The Digium appliances are nice for Asterisk and should get you going with minimal foot print and time.  Also, consider Skype for Business for an even easier setup that just works as Asterisk can quickly chew up your time and Skype to Skype is free along with Video :)
arahmingAuthor Commented:
I have set up asterisk berfore in my home I am lookiing at comcast 22MB / 5MB for 99 a month I think this should give me no problems plus give them an increadable increase in bandwidth might be overkill but the next step down is quest with the 5/896
Ya, as far as telephony goes, its just the jitter you have to worry about, so do what you can to manage that and you'll be in good shape.
Good luck.
arahmingAuthor Commented:
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