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Realtek HD Audio Keeps Muting itself

Ok experts...I got a new system with what appears to be RealTek HD Audio...
Initially things were just fine, i pluged a set of speakers into the rear Speaker port and sound was working great.  i then plugged my headset (headphones and mic) into the front panel and things started getting crazy....

The headset worked fine for a few minutes, then i couldnt hear anything and noticed the sound icon looked muted, before i could mouse over to it, it un-muted itself...now it is doing this mute/unmute every 10 seconds or so continually and wont stop unless there is no sound playing at all.  It does this with the headset plugged in and with the headset un-plugged so i dont thing its any kinds of mic feedback.  even listening to an MP3 in ITunes through the speakers with no headset plugged in will give me 20 seconds of a song and 5 seconds of it being muted.  if i open the RealTek HD Audio control panel and un-mute it every time i see it happening eventually it will chill out for a couple hours, only to go back to its old wasy.  Any ideas?

below is my system specs....

  Processor Brand:   Intel
   Processor Class:   Core i7
   Processor Number:   I7-920
   Processor Speed:   2.66GHz
   Processors Supported:   1
   Processors Onboard:   1
   Additional Technologies:   HyperThreading Technology
    Quad-Core Technology
   Memory Type:   DDR3
   Memory Size:   3 x 1024MB
   Total Memory:   3.0GB
   Memory Speed:   DDR3-1333
   Memory Slots (Total):   3
   Memory Slots (Available):   0
   Interface:   SATA 3G
   Capacity:   1TB
   Speed:   7,200RPM
   Interface:   SATA
   Optical Drive Type:   DVD±RW Dual Layer
   Optical Drive Class:   DVD-RW DL
   Audio Chipset:   Intel High Definition (HD) Audio
   Graphics Description:   Crossfire Mode
   Video Memory:   512MB Memory
   Video Interface:   2 DVI
   Interface Type:   RJ-45 - Ethernet Connector
   Data Transfer Rate:   Gigabit LAN
   Power:   800 Watt
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1 Solution
Try this and see if problem goes away;

Start > My Computer(right click > Manage > Device Manager > + Sound, video and game controllers > Realtek High Definition Audio (Right click, then "Disable" this feature)
Try seeing if there is updated drivers.
midcompwebAuthor Commented:
Tried disabling it in the control panel and lost all sound.

Also have tried installing the latest drivers with the same effect.

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Hmm..in device manager, right-click on it again, but click on Update Driver. Then click on Roll back driver. I'm just wondering if Windows Updates automatically installed an incorrect/"updated" driver.
midcompwebAuthor Commented:
tried that same issue, tried it again and its now back to the factory installed driver with the same issues.
midcompwebAuthor Commented:
if it helps, this is a link to the system i purchased...


just got it last friday
Do you have any spare sound cards you could throw in and test? I suspect it might be faulty hardware.
midcompwebAuthor Commented:
another identical system that is being shipped and should be here thursday, hopefully it doesnt have the same issues and i can have the faulty one repaired

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