How to dismantle old Meridian PBX systems

I"m looking for any information on how to dismantle PBX systems for salvaging and was wondering where i could find information in order to help me prepare for the job. We have 3 units to physically remove but am not sure how to go at it or what is involved in order to perform the work.The units are Meridian PBX. This is pretty much the only info i have on them. Thanks for any help with this issue.
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Well, they are fairly straight forward...
Take all the phones, box them up.
Start with unplugging the power, and the amphenol cables from the chassis.
Disassemble chassis (remove grounding strap, unplug ancillary cables also).
Remove voicemail if also onsite.
Remove music on hold also if onsite.
Now its cable clean up time.  Trace all cables back to 66 blocks, clean them up (I always take them down to the DMARC and remove any cross connects from the carrier - also, I remove the risers for the 66 blocks, etc).
Remove screws, vaccum up floor, make sure you don't leave any hot circuits, tone out and identify remaining circuits and make sure they match the CID or # on the door (provide door and label if need be).  Label any lose wires that you cannot trim back easily... and for goodness sake, don't clip wires you can't trace out, and don't touch the carriers side.  Some of the circuit will be hot on the DMARC more than likely.
If there are WAN circuits or analogs being left in place, now is also a good time to put in a new 66 block (Cat5 grade - don't settle for Cat3) and after you've cleaned everything up, you're off on your way.
If you've never done this before, take an experienced telco tech with you the first time.  Take your time... :)
ibanez7Author Commented:
Thank you very much for the advice and's greatly appreciated
As a general security precaution, take care to remove as much information as possible.  Valuable tidbits of information that could compromise the facility/company:

User voicemail PINs.  (People hate change.)
Stored speed dial lists.  (Home, cell, wife, girlfriend, bank account #, etc).
Pager notification (...some people still have data populated).
Voicemail messages.
Recorded conversations (monitored calls, etc.).
Access control dialing routines (lock releases, alarm triggers, etc.; if still installed, these systems will likely not have changed their analog dialing codes/PINs).

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Good idea, but you can always do a factory reset on it and smash the flash, HD, etc. :)
Ouch!  Not much resale/scrap value after that, is there. :)

ibanez7Author Commented:
thanks very much for all the help
Well, that's a good point.  Legally, you can't resale the licensing anyways, although people do... the true only real value in a chassis are the line cards and the phones.
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