How to call a stored procedure from a function


I'd like to know how / correct syntax I should be using to call a stored procedure in SQL Server from a script function in JavaScript.

The environment I'm working in is Sage CRM however the answer to this question does not appear to need to be specific to any particular software.

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elimesikaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Try using fully qualified name
connection.Execute("exec <your database>.dbo.customrefproc");

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TartanTaurusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that,

I have my connection as follows, but when I try to call it, I get an error saying it cannot find stored proc by that name. Any suggestions?


function UpdateRecord()
var connection = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Connection");
connection.Open("Data Source=localhost\\TabletProject,1433;Provider=SQLOLEDB;User Id=sa;Password=xxxxx;Persist Security Info=True;Initial Catalogue=G41;");
var r = connection.Execute("exec customrefproc");
oppo_customref = r; 

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