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i have a cisco phone sytem. I am have set up a group called sales and have added all ext to the group. the problem that i am having is when a user answers the phone for that group and another person calls in it will not rings the other phones in that group if someone is on the phone for that group it just sends them to voice mail. is there a way i can set it up to were i can have the phone ring if someone is on the phone for that group?
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Sounds like you have group pickup setup.
Read this document, it should help you understand all of the options and set it up correctly:
What version of CCME are you running?
chrisglissmanAuthor Commented:
About Cisco Unified CallManager Express  
Operating System:  Cisco Internetwork Operating System. Cisco IOS (tm) C2800NM
Cisco IOS Software:  C2800NM-IPVOICEK9-M
Software Version:  12.4(22)T / CME 7.0(1)
Feature Package:  IP|VOICE|SSH|3DE
Licensing Information  
Default # personal mailboxes:  50
Default # general delivery mailboxes:  15
Maximum # configurable mailboxes:  65
Maximum message space (minutes):  840
Maximum # telephony ports:  6
Installed Packages:  Installer (Installer application)
 Thirdparty (Service Engine Thirdparty Code)
 Bootloader (Primary) (Service Engine Bootloader) 2.1.14
 Infrastructure (Service Engine Infrastructure)
 CUE Voicemail Language Support (Languages global pack)
 Global (Global manifest)
 GPL Infrastructure (Service Engine GPL Infrastructure)
 Voice Mail (Voicemail application)
 Bootloader (Secondary) (Service Engine Bootloader)
 Core (Service Engine OS Core)
 Auto Attendant (Service Engine Telephony Infrastructure)
Installed Languages:  CUE Voicemail US English (English language pack)
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So please provide detail on how your Hunt Group is setup...
If the person is calling the pilot #, and the individual is a member of the group, as long as there are other phones in the group, it should work.
Please provide a sample call flow scenario... thanks.
chrisglissmanAuthor Commented:
i do not have a hunt group set up. i just have all the groups set up.

Define "groups set up"... do you have everyone in a pickup group?
Based on the info provided thus far, you should consider a Hunt Group.  If you can provide more detail like a call flow scenario, we can probably help you a little further.
chrisglissmanAuthor Commented:
ok. i have 4 phones set up with a group on button number 2. when someone calls in to the group and 1 of the 3 phones picks up it works fine but if that person is still on the phone and another person calls into that group they get a busy signal. none of the other 3 phones ring for that group. i hope this is what you need. thanks for you support.
chrisglissmanAuthor Commented:
i did read on how this is done. I just do not know how to set something like this up.

any help would be great.
Ok, so which setup sounded like it fit your business needs from the guide?  Can you provide some type of visual call flow to help me help you program this?
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