Looking for long range wireless router

Currently I am using Netgear Router and so far, we are happy with the signal and performances, as long we are in the house.

Yesterday I searched thru google for long range routerand found the following site :

It was tagged as "upto 40km long range Wireless Outdoor Multi ...".

My question is, IS THIS REALLY TRUE ? Is there anyone had used this device already ?
If not (typing error), what is the coverage range. Can it reach 1km ?

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in the mean time while  search for a good product, you may want to check this out.

Yes it can do that most likely, but you CANNOT connect to it from 40 km away with a laptop since the laptop cannot transmit at that power. i recommend a 802.11n router (the 'n' part is important). 802.11 n wireless routers give you three time the speed and range of an 802.11g router. i personally use a linksys wrt160n router and recommend it to you.

oh yeah, 802.11n is the only wifi that will work good in a concrete maze. : )
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KG1973Author Commented:
Thanks for quick anwser,

My question is more on, what is the best device for long range router. If wrt160n router can reach my laptop 1km or more , then I would say, problem solved. I just want to share my internet connection with my family which is about 1km in between.

Also from the site, I also found this device : ( i belive this one better than the first one interm of the price and functionality)

NOC-2610 is a Long Range outdoor wireless Access Point.
Ideal for Wireless internet provision
spec :
Outdoor WiFi:
College Campus
Business Park
Small town / rural Area hotspots
Building to Building Link.

If I use this device, do I need other device ? or just use it as normal router.

if you want some thing with a range of 150 meters, the wrt160n is perfect.
both of the two routers you mentioned have a max range of about 300 meters.
of these two, if you wish to share a long range link, you will need to use two of them.
are you SURE it is 1 km? give me your most accurate estimate.
KG1973Author Commented:
1 km?
YES, my brother's house is about 400m, and other is probably about 900m.
I used Googlemap to mesure the distance.

I told you that I don't have problem to access within my house or even my backyard. My cirrent router still can reach that short distance, within 50-70m.
KG1973Author Commented:
Is there any other linksys model with high spec and long range better than WRT160n?
or maybe my brother's laptop need to have additional device as well in order to receive
long signal from my house.... or sort of...

i think you will need two wireless router operating in bridge mode at max transmit power, each of them with a high gain directional antenna that screws into the router, plus line-of-sight communication.
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