failed to establish connection

I'm having a firewall exception or a port listening or a router problem... I don't know.

I installed an Apache extension which is a PHP debugger which is DBG, but it can't connect to

My Apache is 2.2.9
My PHP is 5.2.6
My DBG is 2.15.5
My Router is D-Link DI 604


Failed to start debug session

reason: failed to establish connection to client host on"

What should I do?
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what is the xdebug.remote_host set to if you look at php info or the php.ini?

If the server and the client are on the same machine, try setting that to localhost.
locke1994Author Commented:
xdebug.remote_host is commented out and is set to

I tried the following configuration...

debugger.enabled = true
debugger.profiler_enabled = true
debugger.JIT_host = localhost
debugger.JIT_port = 10001

...but it did not work.
locke1994Author Commented:
debugger.JIT_host was clienthost, I changed it to localhost
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 Go to following page

on point 3 of Configuring server part:
they have clearly mentioned
that clienthost is a keyword for DBG. If you use it, DBG will automatically detect IP of each client.

Read the page carefully for instruction on copying the bundled dlls from 'dlls' folder to any directory listed in Windows PATH.

I think u may have missed that step

Best Of Luck

locke1994Author Commented:
techmaza, reading the instruction on copying the bundled dlls from 'dlls' folder was very helpful!

After installing xampp, there are two php.inis, two extensions folder and one ext folder. I had to edit the php.ini in xampp/apache/bin and copy php_dbg.dll to xampp/php/ext.

Now, there is no "Failed to start debug session" error any .longer, but I set a breakpoint with toggle breakpoint or breakpoint() and it is ignored.

function breakpoint(){
echo 'test';
echo 'test';
echo 'test';
echo 'test';

It even echoes four tests...
locke1994Author Commented:
There is no error... but there is no sign of any other activity either! What if php_dbg.dll is not loaded? What if DBG is not running?
locke1994Author Commented:
Now that it is loading, I am getting "failed to establish connection" again...
locke1994Author Commented:
techmaza... I tried everything! clienthost, localhost,, :7869, :10001, firewall, router, apache/bin/php.ini, php/php.ini, apache/bin/extensions, php/extensions, php/ext... what now?
locke1994Author Commented:
php_dbg.dll was in C:\xampp\php\ext, so I tried adding C:\xampp\php to Windows PATH, but it did not work, then C:\xampp\php\ext to Windows PATH, but it did not work.
Sorry, I thought this was with xdebug at first.

Are the client and server on the same machine? If they are, that should eliminate the router as an issue and should just be a config problem. You may have to check your windows firewall though. Possibly just temporarily disabling it for testing purposes and if that ends up being the issue, putting an exception for the 10001 port.
locke1994Author Commented:
Yes, the client and server are on the same machine. Using the configuration mentioned in the DBG site without Firewall doesn't work.

 I m new for debugging by using above software but as far as ur problem is concerned i have got following Link in forum

May be ur problem will be solved using these
If u do not get the result then post a question on, admin and moderators r very active on that forum u will get ur result easily in few minutes.

Best Of Luck

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locke1994Author Commented:
nuSphere is the maker of PHPed, a PHP IDE. I am using eclipse, an other PHP IDE. Will they still help?
locke1994Author Commented:
I installed Xdebug!
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