Where can i find the source code for entire applications?

I've had a look through the microsoft sample code section and its just not what im looking for. They are small and are built to show you how to perform specific actions.

What i want is a reasonable sized application (obviously open source) so that i can compare my coding style to theirs. I'm a self-taught programmer, and the times when i've learn the most is when im looking through the code of someone elses application and seeing how they do things.

I've heard of microsoft sample project applications like Terrarium, TaskVision, FotoVision and IssueVision but ive never actually been able to find the source code for it in vb.net.
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CraigLazarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A good place is http://www.planetsourcecode.com/
Here u can search say in vb.net category and pull down sample applications for pretty much anything and then view the complete source code,
I use this site quite often to also get the process flow of a task i want.
hope it helps
Jorge PaulinoConnect With a Mentor IT Pro/DeveloperCommented:
You also can find nice information in here:

tfslnAuthor Commented:
Thanks, this is exactly what i was after
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