Citrix Presentation Sever 4.5 - Need to Disable 'Server is Unreachable' Alert

Hi Experts,

We have a Citrix Presenation Server 4.5 Farm, X64 based with Hotfix Rollup 2 (HR2).  We have 3 production servers and 3 virtualised test servers.  We require that the test servers (CPSV1 through CPSV3) are not always powered up.

When these servers are down, we recent constant server is unreachable alerts.

Within Health Monitoring & Recovery the Run Healh Montoring tests is disabled, yet the unreachable alerts are still received.

Can anyone point myself in the direction of how to disable these alerts?


Janson Ragon
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pfcjokerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sadly there is no way to disable this alert not without turning off all alerting completely in your farm - have you thought of maybe moving these servers into their own access database farm using chfarm when you you power them down, then chfarm them back into your production farm when you need them?
IPT-ExpertAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for responding.  Using Chfarm has been has been considered and may be the only option, but ideally we would like to avoid the use of ChFarm if at all possible.

IPT-ExpertAuthor Commented:
More of a confirmation that it couldn't be done, but grateful for the response.
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