print part of spoolfile

I use OVRPRT with DRAWER parameter and everything is OK when I print from the first page.
In case when I start printing from not the first page (for example from the second one or only the last one) the paper is taking from the default drawer (for example 3) even though the DRAWER parameter of spoolfile is equal 2.
Any idea how to cause to print the part of spoolfile with correct DRAWER parameter?  

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Gary PattersonConnect With a Mentor VP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
C6080520 is latest Cume - that is two years newer than the C4077520 that you are running.

I suggest you review the Cume and Printing Group PTF APARs and PTF cover letters to see if this particular issue is mentioned.  Perhaps if you find a specific PTF that addresses this issue, you can persuade the boss to apply PTFs.  Even if it is not listed, sometimes and IBM fix that repairs one issue resolves other related issues that were not specifically listed ("problems with xyz, and other related printing issues").

When you have an issue like this that really looks like and OS defect, you really need to get yourself current on PTFs.  If you were under a support contract with IBm (at v5r2 you arent, I assume), you could report the problem, but they would almost certainyl tell you to apply Cume, HIPER, and Print group PTFs and see if that resolves the issue before doing additional troubleshooting.

This sounds like a likely candidate for an OS defect.  Apply PTFs and see if it resolves the issue - it really is the best answer.

Perhaps another expert has an alternative?

- Gary Patterson
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Haven't seen this one before.  What OS version, cumulative PTF level, and printing group PTF level are you at?  

Green-screen instructions:

OS Version:
  • DSPSFWRSC (Display Software Resources).  Pick any of the *BASE Operating System/400 components and Press F11 to see the version and release.
Cume PTF Level:  
Display Printing Group PTF level:
Printing Group PTFs for your version:  

If you aren't current on cume or group PTFs, order them or download them, and apply them (after reading the cover letter and observign app normal PTF precautions, including backing up the system).  If that doesn't resolve the issue, post back and we can do additional diagnosis.

- Gary Patterson
P009740Author Commented:
I received it from my admin:
 - Os Version: V5R2M0
 - Cume PTF Level: TC04077
 - Printing Group PTFs: not exist
As far as I know my admin has no permission from his boss to apply PTF himself.
In this situation, have you any other ideas?

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