Resize VMDK

can this be done?

I P2V several machines, and now I have extra space on several of them,
Is there a way to resize these with out export/import which can be 6-10 hour process.

is vmkfstools  -E, still valid under 3.5 update 3,  everything I read says only ESX 3.0

has anyone tried voptimizer from vizioncore?

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FYI, vmkfstools  -E command renames files associated with a specified virtual disk
As far as I'm aware you can no longer shrink the virtual disk, hey it never work well anyway. There were many conditions you had to meet before doing it.
The basis is that you can very easily expand a virtual disk but shrinking it means work.
There are many tools on the market vizioncore's tools are generally very good, I've not used voptimizer, If I have to shrink a vmdk I either use the tried and tested robocopy routine or use the importer effectively cloning the guest and resizing the volumes during the process. (rename the original guest and clone to another LUN so you can preserve your guest name)
To add to the above statements, using converter or a similar product has always been the 'safest' route to disk shrinking in VMware, not in the least reason because it leaves the original untouched in case of failure.

If your V2V conversions within the same cluster and San are taking an usual amount of time, perhaps there is a configuration issue? I've seen examples where the vCentre server (running converter enterprise) is a physical machine on a different -site- to the cluster it was managing.

Have you tried using the in-built vmware-vdiskmanager.exe options ?
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