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I have a database table with 4 columns, username, loginDate, loginTime, logoutTime.  This table get populated nightly from a text file.  I need to draw from this table the username, the date, the min(loginTime) and the max(logoutTime) for that username and date, and also return the total hours.  I know this can be done using an inner join of some sort but beyond that I really don't know how to start on it.  I could easily do it using multiple queries but since I am pulling it into an ASP.NET Datasource control it has to be condensed into a single query.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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what values do the logintime and logouttime hold?  are they datetime fields?
select username,loginDate, min(loginTime) as LoginTime, max(Logouttime) as Logouttime from table group by username,Logindate

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SvenTech Lead Web-DevelopmentCommented:
SELECT loginDate, username, MIN(loginTime), MAX(logoutTime) FROM tbl GROUP BY loginDate, username

Hours could be calculated within .NET code.
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You could calculate hours with DATEDIFF(hh, min(loginTime), max(Logouttime))

GeoffSuttonAuthor Commented:
LoginTime and Logout time are both stored as nvarchar.  
@DarthSonic - No, hours cannot be calculated in the .net Code.  I am using a datasource and don't want to be having to individually parsing each row to calculate the hours.  I am reasonably certain SQL server can do that for me.
GeoffSuttonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Peter.  I'll try that.
Depending on dateformat, you may have to use some sort of conversion. How does your format look like?
GeoffSuttonAuthor Commented:
@pter - The DateDiff doesn't work because the columns are nvarchar.  I tried casting them with no success.  Will try converting.
You were right the first time. My name is Peter. My fingers were faster than my brain. ;-)

What format do you have for the dates?
GeoffSuttonAuthor Commented:
It was nvarchar.  I solved it(with a lot of help from you guys) with:
SELECT     username, loginDate, MIN(loginTime) AS LoginTime, MAX(logoutTime) AS Logouttime, DATEDIFF(hh, MIN(CONVERT(DateTime, loginTime)),
                      MAX(CONVERT(DateTime, logoutTime))) AS hours
FROM         tblAttendanceScript
GROUP BY username, loginDate
I was sure I would have to use a join of some sort as i have had to use in the past.  I suppose I was just being lazy this morning, wanting to let someone else do my thinking for me :)  The only thing I have left is to ensure the data in the time columns is the correct type, and I can do that on the insert.
Thanks to all for the help.
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