New Cisco Router / Setting up password and telnet access


I've got a new Cisco 3845 router that i'm setting up here.  I have a few, what I think should be simple tasks that i'm having problems with.

1) I've got the passwords set for enable, console, aux and telnet, however when I do a SHO RUN command, they appear in clear text.  how can I get them to be encrypted?

2) I've set the telnet password, yet when I try to connect, it doesn't even socket on port 23.  I confirmed I can ping the interface ok.  what needs to be done here?

thanks in advance.
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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Use this command:

conf t
service password-encryption
Vjz1Author Commented:
ok i figured out #2.  there was an access-class that had to be removed.

So just #1 if anyone knows the answer.

By the way, use the "enable secret <password>" command to set the enable password as it uses a stronger hash.
One other thing to note, the level 7 password encryption can be easily decrypted so don't rely on it to protect against unauthorized people viewing the configuration, i.e. remove your hashed passwords from the configuration if others need to view it.
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