Why does Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 not run?

Running a very good system with XP SP3, 500 Gig disk, 2 Gig Ram
Paint Shop Pro 7 has been working OK for months.
I installed the latest version of Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and installed three times.
(The progress indicators during setup did not respond smoothly some of the time, although it did say "Installation successful")
When I click on the icon, I get the hour glass working for about six seconds then nothing.
Once that has happened, other programs cease to work and I have to re-boot.
Have repaired XP3 but made no difference.
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akhannabyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Bill and John
Some facts first.
I've always uninstalled any version before trying to install again.
Family has all the rights to install programs.
The only time I need the administrator is to restore to a previous setup, and at the moment, that is how I'm recovering each time something goes wrong.
I cleaned everthing up as you suggested and tried a fresh install.
It goes through all the steps: computing space requirement... licence agreement... copying new files... registering modules... registering product... removing backup files... then sticks (I gave it 10 minutes) nothing.
Have to use Task Manager to close the Windows on the screen and can only close Windows XP down by pressing on/off switch for 5 or 6 secs.
Looking at EVENTVWR.MSC gives some red markers and "installation failed" and no further info from Microsoft.
Here's a sample display.
Details Product: Windows Operating System ID: 1000 Source: Application Error Version: 5.2 Symbolic Name: ER_USERCRASH_LOG Message: Faulting application %1, version %2, faulting module %3, version %4, fault address 0x%5. Explanation
The indicated program stopped unexpectedly. The message contains details on which program and module stopped. A matching event with Event ID 1001 might also appear in the event log. This matching event displays information about the specific error that occurred.
installer.log does not seem to say only the obvious: "Installation failed"
Since I've dowloaded the PSP X2 file twice, I don't think there should be anything wrong with that, so it must be my system.
I do use "Your Uninstaller 2008" to clean things up, Raxco defragger and RegCure to keep the registry in order.
Is that sensible?
I'm attaching the points to you both anyway for your marvelous help.
johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Any updated to the app that you can install?

Any errors in the Event Viewer?
BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello akhannaby

Please read johnb6767's comment first.  The event viewer is the best way of looking for possible causes for errors.

Do you know how to open Event Viewer and look at the details of the Events listed?  I am not sure of your level of expertise, so please forgive me if this sounds a bit simple.
Start Menu > Run > and type   EVENTVWR.MSC /s   > click OK or press Enter.
Once it opens, maximise the window and click on the "Application" section in the left.  Look at the Events in the right.

First of all, if you see any Red X's at the time you installed your application, and if the "Source" column shows that line to relate to "MsiInstaller", then something must have gone wrong during installation.

You can double-click that line to show the details.  There is a little icon like two Notepad icons at the top right of the dialog that pops up (below the black Up and Down arrows).  Click this, and it copies what is visible in that part of the dialog so you can paste it into Notepad or here.

After leaving there to paste the details elsewhere, you usually have to double-click the line aagain to show the popup dialog that disappears behind everything.

Next, there is a link that shows as:
"For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp."

Click this and it will usally open the Windows Help and Support window, and then try to load details from Microsoft in the Right pane.  Sometimes those details are helpful, but sometimes not.

Even if there aren't any ""MsiInstaller" Red X's at the time of installation, you should now look at events that surround the time you try to open the program.  The best way is to close the Event Viewer and take a note of the exact time you try to open the program.

An event should be written even though you say that you are forced to reboot because it hangs everything.

Open Event viewer after the reboot and concentrate on all events in each of the categories for the exact time you tried to run the program and the system hung.  The details of these Events would be a helpful insight if you can (a) Paste a few into Notepad, Save, then attach that text file with your next comment OR (b) Paste directly here providing the details don't run to a page long and match one of my own comments ;-)

As far as the system hanging, have you tried opening Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) under the "Applications" tab while the system is apparently hung?  If you can get that to open, then perhaps you will see the name of the executable for Paint Shop Pro (psp.exe ?) listed, and can select it and click "End Task" to restore functionality so you don't need to reboot.

I am a bit curious about something you said in your question:

"Paint Shop Pro 7 has been working OK for months.
I installed the latest version of Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and installed three times."

Did you UNinstall PsP 7 BEFORE installing PsP Photo X2?

I use PsP 7, but have never installed or used the "Photo X2" version, so I have no idea if they can co-exist.  There is a possibility that because PsP 7 was sold by Jasc Software
(C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7)
that the new Corel version may install to another folder and MAY be able to co-exist with v. 7, but I doubt this because the setup routine would probably need to modify some existing PsP 7 registry settings and perhaps also files in some of the System folders.  That would certainly mess up one or other application, but most likely both.

The other part of your statement that I am curious about is where you said "...and installed three times".  I assume that you UNinstalled it between the successive 2 separate reinstallations when the first one failed?

If you didn't, then it would just do a "repair" install of sorts, but that may not be enough to fix some types of issues.  I would recommend that you:

1. Fully uninstall PsP Photo X2 using the normal Cntrol Panel  Add/Remove Programs process

2. Reboot even if not prompted

3. Download, install and run the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility:
4. If Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 is listed, then select it and it will try to remove left-over debris from the original installation.  I would say that this is an essential step if there were any "MsiInstaller" errors or warnings in Event Viewer from before, but important even if not.  Reboot if it does list the program and runs.

5. Whether or not the utility at (4) above listed the program and ran, you should now look in the folder:
C:\Windows\Installer  for an *.msi file that relates to PsP Photo X2.
To do this, Right-Click on each *.msi file, choose "Properties", and look under the "Summary" tab of the properties dialog for evidence that it is the cached installer package used during setup.  Delete it if found.

6. Go to each of the following folders and delete the contents which could include leftover setup files:

C:\Windows\Temp  (if it exists)
C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Local Settings\Temp
C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Temp

7. Now reinstall the program, REBOOT, and see what happens.
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akhannabyAuthor Commented:
BillDL (and Johnb6767)
Many thanks for your most detailed and clear answer.
I'll try to answer your queries oone by one.
In the EVENTVWR.MSC /s file
Event Type:      Information
Event Source:      MsiInstaller
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      11708
Date:            09/04/2009
Time:            17:45:37
User:            PRINCIPAL\Family
Computer:      PRINCIPAL
Product: Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 -- Installation operation failed.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
0000: 7b 36 34 45 37 32 46 42   {64E72FB
0008: 31 2d 32 33 34 33 2d 34   1-2343-4
0010: 39 37 37 2d 42 34 41 38   977-B4A8
0018: 2d 32 36 32 43 44 35 33   -262CD53
0020: 44 30 42 44 33 7d 2c 20   D0BD3},
0028: 31 36 30 32               1602    
Do a Windows Search for *.log, within a single day of the attempted install, and see if you can find an installer log.....
Yes, the log file should pinpoint at what stage the Installer process failed.

One thing is possible, but only you will know the answer.  Could it be that when you log into that computer as "Family", that this user profile is a restricted profile that doesn't permit certain things?  If you have installed other software under that profile then it would tend to debunk that idea, but it's a possibility.

If you go to Control Panel and click or double-click on the "User Accounts" icon, it will open and show the icons for each of the configured user accounts.  Next to each, or below the icons, you will see the user profile name plus the account type.  This could be Computer Administrator, Limited Account, or perhaps something else.  If the "Family" account shows as "Limited", then it's probable that it doesn't have full enough permissions to install applications and it would have to be done under an account with Administrative rights.

Installing the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility under the "Family" user profile may give an idea if that user profile is a restricted one.

Assuming that you can eventually get the application installed, you might want to download the application update for your product in advance:

And we appreciate that......

But if you want to keep going, I certainly dont mind.....

If it is crashing that way, do a search in your profile directory\Local Settings\TEMP for *.dmp.

If you find it, you wount be able to copy it, until you go to the task manager, and kill dwwin.exe (or is it dwin.exe?). Once you kill that DW process, you can retrieve the dmp file. Try this the next time it crashes, but dont acknowledge any errors on screen, as once it crashes, and you click send, or dont send, the dw process deletes any dmp files that can be helpful in debugging.....

Post it here if you find it....
Thanks for the full feedback Keith.  It sheds a clearer picture on the scenario, although not necessarily on the root of the problem.

One thing you said has me wondering though:
"Since I've downloaded the PSP X2 file twice, I don't think there should be anything wrong with that".

Bear in mind that when you download anything it is cached in one of the sub-folders of your Temporary Internet Files folder.  If you hadn't emptied that between downloads, then it is conceivable that you could have a corrupt installer package both times.

Just as an example, have you ever right-clicked a link to say a 3Mb download, and it completes so fast that you are sure something was wrong?  You look in the location where you saved the download, and it's only 300Kb or so.  OK, so you right-click the link and choose to save the target again, whereupon it tells you that the file already exists, and prompts you to overwrite it.  Sometimes it replaces it with a full and good version, but sometimes not.

In addition you will no doubt have been aware, after saving a large download, that it gets to 99% and then up comes a file copy dialog showing that it is copying the file from the temporary internet files folder to the destination folder you chose.  On occasions this part itself can corrupt a downloaded file.

Just to be absolutely sure, perhaps it would be a good idea to try just once more before throwing in the towel.  You can't normally open any of the sub-folders of your own "Temporary Internet Files" folder through Windows Explorer.  What you can do, however, is create a new shortcut with the following command in the "target" field:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e,%homepath%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

Watch the spaces, or lack thereof, in the:
explorer.exe /n, /e,%homepath%
part of the command.
It doesn't need to be double-quoted.

That's a good way of inspecting the contents of the sub-folders below the stupidly named "Content.IE5" folder, and if there is any trace of the originally downloaded installer package you can delete it.

Actually, I'm quite surprised that such a large retail application is available as a download.  I always prefer to have the setup CD.  Is it the free Trial version you are trying to install?

I am just downloading the trial version (318MB) to see if I can determine something.  Depending on the software that was used to create the installer package, eg. InstallShield, there can be issues with the runtimes installed on your PC.  I'll let you know shortly after i have checked it out.
akhannabyAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, I'll try what you say.
I always download any software to a spare partition for permanent storage.
Then open separately with Exploere to install.
It was the upgrade version from Paintshop Pro 7 to X2 that I purchased directly from Corel.
I've tried with version 7 installed first and without; without it doesn't complain.
I'll see how I get on by Monday.
Incidentally, I've also got Adobe Illustrator CS3 and I am beginning to wonder if that will do everything I need anyway (.eps and .pdf).
Thank you Keith, have you managed to get the application running without crashing out?
akhannabyAuthor Commented:
Sorry I've not got back to you earlier.
I had no joy doing any of the things suggested to me - although they were all extremely credible!
Eventually, I figured: "What has happened to my system since I last was successful?"
Norton 360 appears to be the culprit.
Take 360 off, and PSP X2 installs easily and runs perfectly.
Install the latest patch for PSP X2 - again no problem with installation nor with running.
Put Norton 360 back on, back to trouble on both counts.
I've now gone over to McAfee software and I have no problems at all.
Since resolving, I have entered "Norton 360 problems" into Google and find that "others" have had this experience too.  Norton have been made aware, but have not resolved the problem.
So thanks for your extensive efforts, and I wish you well.
That's some good detective work there Keith.  Well discovered, and I'm glad you have it fixed after so much hard work to get there.

I don't normally ridicule or criticise applications without just cause, but I stopped using Norton products a long while back.  The one thing that always amazed and annoyed me about Norton AntiVirus was that it used common resources from Internet Explorer to display a lot of its own user interface.  The most usual thing to get hammered by viral activity are the very resources that the application depended on.  I found that frequently viruses crippled the program that should have been able to continue workng in that event, and the main cause was as described above.

Now I'm going back quite a few years now, and maybe their interface has improved, but I see so many issues being asked about in online help forums where Norton/Symantec products are the root cause.

OK, so application setup packages will always advise you to "close all running programs" before continuing, but it's not always reasonable to expect all users to be able to find the options to kill of the AntiVirus program, reboot the system, do a Ctrl + Alt + Del to "end task" any remaining processes elft running, install the application, allow it to reboot when done, then re-enable the Antivirus protection and reboot again.

So, good job on tracking down and sorting out the cause.

I was just looking up details of Norton 360:

Here's where problems may occur with the likes of installing an application that takes a while to install (my comments in {brackets})

Speeds up PC boot time : Turns off unnecessary startup programs to get your PC up and running faster. {How does it know what is "unnecessary? If this is done "intelligently", then it potentially can stop a service that may not be needed for everyday activities, such as installing software}

PC Tuneup : Automatically finds and fixes problems that slow your computer {anything that "automatically" does things can screw up}

Core Protection: Pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes or faster {some large setup packages take 15 minutes to install, during which they may have been interrupted 3 times by "pulse updates"}

Anyhow, I was just curious.  Isn't it a sad day when we have to lock up our computers tighter than someone with flatulence in a crowded elevator to avoid all the dangers out there?
akhannabyAuthor Commented:
OK BillDL - again many thanks.
Please be around for my next problem.
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