VPN doesn't try to connect?

I have a new laptop I built. Everything seems fine except the VPN. When I click on connect, the status on the bottom goes instantly to 'not connected' It doesn't look like it even tries. I can use RDC without a problem. File and print sharing is enabled. I'm sure the settings in vpn are correct, and the user can connect fine with the old laptop, so the account has rights (although it never gets far enough to matter about that)

    Any ideas on things to check? I'm at a loss at this point. I'm better off with error messages vs just not connecting....

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Ilir MitrushiConnect With a Mentor IT Infrastructure and Security ArchitectCommented:
Do you have connectivity with the vpn server? Can you ping it? You can enable the log function on the vpn software and check the logs to see what messages are being logged.
PurpleWineAuthor Commented:
The log function would have found my problem....  But, after getting some sleep and coming in I realized I was missing a cap in the group authentication password. I'm such a jackass...  I'm blaming it on solar flares. Yeah. THanks for the help. I'll give you the points since I didn't think about the log and that would have caught it. Thanks.
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