Identical Tables "Insert Error: Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition"

I wrote a stored procedure to dynamically build the insert statement as I am using it as part of an SSIS package.  It only fails on certain tables, not all of the tables. I am testing right now and the frustrating part is that this worked yesterday.  I copied the table from dev to my test environment and I am comparing test with dev.  Obivously, they match since I copied the table from dev to test.  I have been debugging through the code and the dev table, the test table and the staging table all match.  They all have the same columns in the same order with the same datatypes.  I am getting this error when I execute the stored procedure from the package.  When I run the stored procedure in the Management Studio, I don't get the error.  Any ideas???
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Mark WillsConnect With a Mentor Topic AdvisorCommented:
Well Auric1983 picked the identity business...

Depending on how you wrote the dynamic part, what you can do is check or use sys.columns which has the is_idenity attribute and exclude that from the insert. Found that system / catalogue view to be one of the handiest.

The other thing to do is to wrap it up in a try/catch block - but whilst it might catch the error, it doesn't fix the problem.

Updating with identities is always a challenge, like, do you need to preserve the value (as in a new master record with details already point to it). In which case you might need to allow insert into the odentity, but if there are multiple streams of data into that table then it is likely to cause problems.

Can you show us the procedure ? Might be able to make some recommendations.

Are you trying to insert into an identity field?
seasonmmclaneAuthor Commented:
No.  A big part of the mystery to me is that if I run the script in SSMS, it works.  Another thing...The package will execute successfully for most tables.  it is just a few tables that are giving me problems.  I don't have any databases or tablenames hardcoded.
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seasonmmclaneAuthor Commented:
I figured out one problem.  When I try to run this in DEV against QA (comparison), I am trying to insert into an identity field.  Any ideas???
Auric1983Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can specify that you want to insert into an identity column.  

Insert records
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Please do not do that without careful consideration of number sequences and potentially different data sources. If all coming from the other table, then fine, but if there is anything that can add to that table being the target of the insert then you are going to have problems. That identity insert setting is really only for initial data takeup.
If creating a dev environment from Test / Production is what you are after I'd do a full backup / restore, the only problem there is you lose any specific security applied only to the dev db.

But Mark is definately right that using the identity insert you really need to understand what data is being inserted...
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