Need Help Finding Dell's Chat Log in Firefox's Histroy

Hello All-

I have had an issue with a server now for a couple for months and finally got a replacement drive in last night.  The replacement from Dell was a SATA 250 GIG to replace a 160 Gig in a RAID 5.  I've never done that, but they said it would work.  I got Dell online to chat and hold me hand so that replacing it would be covered under their terms of service.  

Their idea didn't work (not shocked) and caused chaos!  I copy / pasted the first half of the log to notepad, but didn't do the rest.  I have not cleared any history in Firefox, but have closed that window.  Here's what I've done so far:

Closed Firefox window last night
Not cleared History
Set to Offline mode so nothing would be overwritten
Went to history - found page I was at - tried to load it - nogo since offline
Performing a search on c: (only drive) for "dell" searching filenames and contents - still running after 30 minutes

Any ideas would be MUCH appreciated.
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I sincerely wish you best of luck for finding those data, but I'm afraid to say that I'm not very optimistic.
FF is a browser, not an IRC client or Instant Messenger system where logging of realtime conversations is an in-built feature. The Dell chat, as far as I remember it, is a dynamic module inside your browser, thus either AJAX or Java based, if well made. There is no configurable option to keep logs, and by itself, Firefox will not do so.

Your browser history keeps track of the URLs you visited, but it does not keep track of dynamically changing content. If it needed to, it would have to save the complete page every couple of seconds under the exact same URL that does not change. I doubt this is done.

But I may be wrong - and I hope for your sake that I am.
To make sure, please run another search on C:, this time not searching for "Dell", but for a technical term used in your realtime chat.
CoryDambachConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually live tech support applications that give the user an opportunity to chat with a real human being, typically update the view of the conversation using DOM calls, which, as far as I know, are not logged in Firefox for privacy and performance reasons...  The only time this is not true, is when one runs a DOM profiler such as Firebug or the Venkman JavaScript debugger, and these are used for tuning JavaScript performance rather than keeping logs of things...

I think you will have more luck calling dell up and requesting a transcript of your last customer service chat...They usually keep them so that in the future other tech-support people will know more about your situation, but I would call quick...I have no Idea how long they keep them.

Best of Luck

unfortunately you did not state a reason for your closing request. I thus have to file an objection.

- If you found your own way to retrieve that Dell chat log, please let us know about it, then select your answer as the solution to the question. Points will be refunded.

- If, however, you want this question closed because the Dell logs are irretrievable, then please re-read the comments by myself and CoryDambach: We both doubted heavily that there is a way to get at those logs. Which, in other words, means: What you want to be done, cannot be done. This is, according to the rules of Experts-Exchange, a valid answer. I quote:
"The correct answer to some questions is 'You can't do that.'
Sometimes, you will get an answer that isn't what you want to read, but it still may be the correct answer, and you should award points to the Expert that gave you that answer." ( > Asking Questions)

So I request you cancel the closure, selecting my comment as the solution and CoryDambach's comment as an assist.

Thank you.


I already made my suggestion in my post above.

Let me repeat:
- Accepted solution: torimar - ID:24092537
- Assisted solution: CoryDambach - ID:24101462
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