Create image of Windows Server 2008 Standard

I am taking over a network.  This is a very small network.  I want to create an image of the server as it is.  This is a Windows Server 2008 Standard.  It has no RAID or anything, just very simple.  I have used Acronis in the past for workstations but I have never attempted a server image.  Can you suggest first either a version of Acronis that will work for my needs and also any suggestions or cautions you see fit to mention.  Thanks
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ComputerTechieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We have been using one for my smaller clients servers.
tl121000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How about downloading Microsoft Virtual server and then clone the Windowws 2008 server

download VMWARE Virtual Server and do the same...

If you want a snapshot of your original build then go with the Virtualization.
  • The MS and VM tools above are
  • You can always take clone every so often
If you need dynamic snapshots over time then tools like Acronis are your ticket
  • Of course a cost is involved
rbudjAuthor Commented:
Microsoft virtual server and then cloning... interesting.  Do you have any resources about the cloning part so I can read up first?
rbudjAuthor Commented:
im still working on this... will report back
rbudjAuthor Commented:
still working on it.
rbudjAuthor Commented:
the acronis is more familiar to me but I split the points up because I will look into the virtualization at a later date... thanks
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