Can't browse network from domain controller

Having an issue with our domain controller and browsing the network using my network places.  When I go to My Network Places and browse our domain it's just empty.  I can browse the network from other workstations except across our wan.  We have another domain controller across the wan that can browse the network but only the computers on it's side.  I can also ping everything from the PDC and can find shares and open up computers if I type their address in the address bar.

I checked and made sure that netbios over tcp/ip was enabled.  I also ran browstat to see what computer is registered as master broswer and it showed another member server as master browser.  Is this correct?  Shouldn't the domain controller show up as master browser.

Also checked wins and it seems like it's working fine.  It's replicating to the server across the wan and I can find all the computers in the active registrations from both sides of the wan.

  Thanks for your help.
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DepovaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok, it's working now.  One of 2 things fixed this.  The registry key for isdomainmaster was set to false.  I set it to Auto and rebooted.  So either the registry key change did it or just the reboot.  Thanks for your help though
Is that member server that thinks it's the master browser in the same subnet as the dc?
DepovaAuthor Commented:
Yes it is.
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Can you advise whats set in this key for the DC and the Member server
Also what node type each server is using (ipconfig /all)
Glad you got it sorted.
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