Is anyone having issues with Symantec Endpoint 11?


I run a small network (10 users at this point), windows server 2003 domain, exchange 2003, a mixture of XP Pro sp3 and Vista Bus sp1 clients, and a 2008 terminal server.  We are currently using SAV 10.2.2 because at the time I purchased SAV 11.0, I was told by more than one consultant that Symantec was having issues with the 11.0 software being a resource hog.  

Things have slowed down a bit and I am looking at upgrading to SAV 11.0... however, our network has been running so smoothly to this point that I am a little wary of 'rocking the boat' so to speak.  To that end I contacted Symantec Customer Care, who told me that they were unaware of any issues with any releases of 11.0.

My question is, are there any clear advantages at this point to upgrade from 10.2 to 11.0?  Is anyone currently using 11.0 with or without issues?


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BillCarlinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since we did our upgrade about 7 months ago, I have not seen any issues in our environment (1K servers 6K desktops).  We had been experiencing a ton of non-page pool issues on our Exchange servers which have gone away since the upgrade.  We are at 11.0.4 and waiting to go to MR 5 for the additional benefit to our VM environment. Less of a load and once you get over the learning curve of the SSC more management controls.
meelnahAuthor Commented:
well, thats pretty much exactly what I was hoping to hear.  What are the specs on your workstations?  My servers are a bit over-built, but my workstations are all in the 2.0 GHz range with 1 GB ram (XP Pro).  
meelnahAuthor Commented:
I should have asked... wouldl I be better doing the upgrade or uninstalling and installing from scratch?  I only have 3 servers and 10 workstations, so it wouldn't be that much more work?

Typically most are 1GB XP SP3, a few Vista 64s and I am testing Windows 7 right now.  The Windows 7 was a pain to get installed and managed but it has been running smooth for a couple of weeks now. Servers are generally W2k3 with a few W2K8s
meelnahAuthor Commented:
Thanks Bill.  I appreciate the advice.
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