How to get more than one device to answer from a range of public IP addresses

We have a Cisco Router managing 30 public IP addresses. We would like to put a device "alongside" the Router and answer to one of those public IP addresses. If I put a switch in front of the router so that both the Cisco Router and the "vpn" server are available to the Fiber media converter, how do I get the VPN server to respond to that single IP address it has assigned to it and not the router which right now responds to all 30 IP addresses?
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EmpKentConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can setup several IPs on a single router interface and it sounds like this is what you have done. The fix here is to remove the one IP address that you want to use for the VPN device from the router interface and then set that for the VPN box.

Then your switch from the fibre will work fine.

LeviDailyAuthor Commented:
So how do you remove it from the router interface? How would I regroup the IP Addresses on the router to exclude that one IP addresses?
EmpKentConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Navigate to the interface in config mode and enter

no ip address (replacing with the correct IP, of course)


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