IPv4 and IPv6


1)In one of the Exam, it was asked the NAME of the combination of The IPV4 and IPV6 routing?
2) Somebody knows what is the name of the combination?
3) Thank you

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mfhorizonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's called "Dual Stack Approach"
Because IPv6 is not backwards compatible with IPv4, a dual stack approach is needed to enable nodes to communicate over both IPv4 and IPv6 simultaneously.

MLPS: "MULTI PROTOCOL LABEL SWITCHING" is another term used in combination for IPv4 and IPv6 during migration.

//From an Article:Prerequisites for MPLS VPNVRF CLI for IPv4 and IPv6 VPNs
The MPLS VPNVRF CLI for IPv4 and IPv6 VPNs feature has the following prerequisites:
" For migrationAn IPv4 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN VRF must exist.
" For a new VRF configurationCisco Express Forwarding and an MPLS label distribution method,
either Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) or MPLS traffic engineering (TE), must be enabled on all
routers in the core, including the provider edge (PE) routers.


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