How to leave domain and join workgroup without loosig application settings?

We have 3 laptops on a domain connected to a virtual SBS that we have stopped using. We would like to leave the domain and create a local workgroup at the office instead (we have no data left on the server and have already switched to a different hosted exchange supplier). Have tried to create a new local admin profile on the laptop by using the original admin user profile and copy all contents under the domain profile to the new clean profile as was recommended in an earlier EE answer. However, as we have Vista Enterprise, this does not seem to work - get automatically logged off when then trying to log in to the new user profile.

Is there any way to copy parts of the content on the domain profile (in addition to the documents and favourites) in order not having to recreate all application settings in office applications (eg private docs templates etc), in order not having to set up the exchange account again in Outlook etc. Or is the ONLY solution to just bite the sour apple and do it all over again in the new profile...?

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FagerbergDellbyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Finally got it to work doing the following>
1. Loggin on via VPN to the server on an administrator account.
2. Switching user locally and in the username and password fields typing in the domain and administrator user name and passwords (same as I use on VPN login to server) - without first setting up this user account (this account is hereafter called "domain/admin".
3. Under "control panel/user accounts/manage user accounts/advanced/user settings" creating a new local user account and giving it full administrator rights (called "newlocal/user"). Thereafter switching users and logging in to this new "newlocal/user"account a first time and then logging off and logging in to the "domain/admin" account again.
4. Choose explore - go to the user folder for the "newlocal/user" account, right click and choose propeties/security and give full permission to the "domain/admin" account.
5. Being logged in as domain/admin, go to the user folder for "domain/user" to Appdata/Microsoft/Outlook and cut the outlook archive .pst files that you want transfered (these are not copied automatically). Put in a temporary folder under c> (so that all accounts can access it)
5. As we use Groove, we also had to log into the original domain/user account (called "doamin/user" - the one that we want to move from) and in Groove choose "save account file to use on another computer" to the temporary folder
6. Given that the original domain/user account is not larger than approx 3GB do the following> Rightclicking "Computer" and choosing properties and choosing "advanced system settings/User profile settings". Here use the "copy" function and copy the old domain/user profile to the new local user account with admin rights. (The migration that I wanted to do originally). On one of our computers this option was not there from the new domain/admin account but for some reason worked from another new local/admin account that I created with full admin rights.
NOTE  - the copy function does not work if the account is too big - in my case the size of the account to copy was >10 GB which meant that I first had to choose parts of the document (in particular music, photos, some documents) and do cut and paste to the temporary folder that I created under c>. After the profile copying, I had to repeat the procedure and do cut/paste of the same documents into the new profile (including the outlook archive .pst files mentioned above).
Result - most of the application settings were copied correctly. Printer drivers and custommade profiles were also kept. The outlook profiles had to be created all over again. The signatures that I had in outlook where copied but not the links to the user profiles/accounts as these had to be created again.
Also, the custom access tool bar choices where not copied but had to be choosen again.
Finally, i-tunes does not find the files automatically but has to be shown where the files are. When connecting i-phone to i-tunes in the new user account, you get the question whether you want to transfer the bought applications. After saying yes to this question however, the applications are duplicated in i-tunes...

If you use Windows OS, you can take properties of My Computer and on Computer Name tab click "Change". Under Member of specify the Workgroup.

Before doing it you can copy all profile contents to local administrator of the laptops.

Then after changing to workgroup, you can keep same IP addresses and subnet masks to allow you to internet access (if LAN). Then you all must be able to work on a local work group.

We are having a small workgroup on same network with domain.

Good luck
Have you tried using the 'Windows Easy Transfer' logged in under the Domain Account and then login to the local account and Complete the procedure by importing the migrated Files and Settings. Then confirm the config by logging out/in again.
Further Note:

When using USMT (Windows Easy Transfer), I always recommend using the Tool on the Vista Installation CD, most important if you are transfering to a different PC, but in your case using the same PC you have no concerns about running into different verions of USMT.

User State Migration Tool

Stand alone tool to migrate files and settings For more information about USMT, you can refer to the following ...

you can you the default user to do this.

rename the default user
"c:\document and settings\default user" to "c:\document and settings\default user org"

copy the user acount from
"c:\document and settings\user" to "c:\document and settings\default user"

Logon you new user
About 99.9% should be there

Don't forget to rename the default user back

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