Outlook 2007/Exchange 2007 Free/Busy information not working correctly.

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I have two users who are having issues with people seeing their Free/Busy information. When another userA attempts to schedule a meeting with userB - UserB's free/busy does not display correctly. Some is displayed but it appears randomly. There maybe a block that is tenative and a block that is busy here and there but for the most part it shows them as free. Interestingly enough if userB gives userA reviewer permissions (at least) or even Free/Busy + Subject and Location then they are able to view the free/busy information.
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ncartwrightt2systemsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
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Did you try to repair the free/busy info for this two users using outlook /cleanfreebusy

ncartwrightt2systemsAuthor Commented:
Yip...we have tried that multiple times.
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