setting up oracle user account to expire in xx months

I have oracle user account that need to be set such as that their password expire after 6months, 12months and 18months
win 03
version 9.2

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taazConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Username:    Useradmin
Profile      :    Password
Expiry_date      :04-13-09 (from    dba_users)

In the profile  Password
Password Lifetime(Days):      365

How to extend useradmin's password  for another 365 days (04-13-2010)

DavidSenior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
ALTER PROFILE lets you modify a particular parameter.  The sample syntax is ALTER PROFILE xxx LIMIT PASSWORD_LIFETIME 180;
where xxx is the profile associated with the account(s) in question.
chuchyyyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to set up a profile in your database in order to establish limitations such as :
- number of failed login attempts before the account is locked
- number of days before a password can be reused
And then, you have to set the profile to your users.

In your request, you ask for password expiration. You need to use PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME which "limits the number of days the same password can be used for authentication".

CREATE PROFILE pass_expiration
PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME 90; %(for 3 months) but also 180 (6 months), 365 (yearly), 450 (18 months)

ALTER USER my_user PROFILE pass_expiration;

Hope that helps
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oups... Already answered, sorry. I began to write before you answered ;-)
taazAuthor Commented:
If I assign a profile "pass_exp" to a user would it change his privileges that the user was having or it would remain the same except the one in the profile "pass_exp"?  
DavidConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle Database AdministratorCommented:
Let's clarify how you're using "privileges" -- a user account has to be assigned to a profile when the account is created - usually "DEFAULT".  The account may be assigned to one and only one profile at a time -- so to your question, altering a user to a different profile means the whole set of profile parameters is changed.  Remember, this has nothing to do with object or role-based privileges.
A profile has nine RESOURCE attributes, and seven PASSWORD ones.  When a profile is altered, for example changing FAILED LOGIN ATTEMPTS from 10 to 3, all users who use that profile will use the changed values upon one's next login.
Does that help?
taazAuthor Commented:
basicall  I like to extend the user password expiration time without hurting all privileges the user is having  such that

userA1,userA2,userA3 passowrd expire after 180 days

user B1,userb2.userB3 password expire after 365days

userC1,userC2,userc3   password expire after 90 days

I just want to extend the password but want other privileges to remain the same.
dvz, tell me if i'm wrong but he can create a single profile with the limited password and others privileges stuff. Is that right ?
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