Help on securing OWA in Exchange2003 on SBS2003


I need a little help on configuring/securing Exchange2003 OWA.   I'm running it on SBS 2003.
I have my firewall forwarding port 80 and 443 to my SBS/Exchange server.   When I browse to I do get prompted for login and it works.   However I want to secure this site with a cert and have it only login or redirect using 443. Im pretty sure I need to buy a cert(not sure what kind) and that there is something simple to do here just not quite sure.  Any help would be appreciated.
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madhuskConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please go through this article, superb guide which will guide you in configuring the SSL on OWA.
You can download the free public certificate from the following website by registering as a free user.
Free certificate solutions are no better than the self signed certificate that SBS generates for you when it is installed. If you want to do things properly and have no certificate prompts then you need to use a trusted commercial SSL certificate.
Two main providers for those:

RapidSSL: (or one of their resellers)

Both of those are trusted in the browsers.
If you want to use Windows Mobile devices then RapidSSL isn't suitable as they are not trusted by mobile devices. The GoDaddy certificates.

brance2000Author Commented:
That got it...
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