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We have 4 W2K8 Servers, 64 bit, running XenApp 5.0. We are using published apps. When a user opens a .tif document, specifically a .tif attachement while using the published app Outlook 2007, I want the .tif to open in the brava reader (a tif reader and also a published app).

I was able to add a registry key that would set the brava reader as the default program for .tif documents, but this only works if a user logs into the citrix desktop, it does not work if they are using the published outlook applcation.

I used to be able to set the default programs for all citrix users in windows 2003 and earler server versions, but it appears that this has changed in server 2008.

How can I force all tifs to be opened with the brava reader? Is there a way?

Thanks a lot,
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Bonnie_KConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to do this via group policy
In 2008 I have not been able to successfully set file associations via registry, it seems you have to use the Default Applications applet in the control panel, have you set it there on all your servers?
Bonnie_KAuthor Commented:
Yes, but it seems that this is done on a per user basis, and does not affect all users.  I want to make a global change so that my tif reader is the default for all logged in users.  I don't want to have to have the users set this up for themselves.
Do you find that when you change it in control panel it affects all users?
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