Exchange 2007 - Move Storage Group or Database

I am configuring a new Exchange 2007 server with three partitions.  The primary partition will hold the application, the second to hold the logs, and the third holds the databases.  My question is whether I should move the storage groups (public and private) or just the databases from the first to the third partition.  Thanks!
Dan CarpIT DirectorAsked:
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If all you have done is partitioned up one array into three partitions, it won't make a lot of difference what you move where, other than give you good administrative organisation of the server. The whole idea in Exchange is to have separate RAID arrays to store the system, databases and transaction logs.

However, if your intention is to store databases on one particular array, you just want to move the databases. You can then reconfigure the Storage Group to point the logs towards the second partition.

Dan CarpIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks Matt - exactly what I wanted to confirm.  (All three partitions are indeed on their own arrays)
I shouldn't have assumed they were on the same array! Thanks for confirming.
Dan CarpIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Nah - no worries... bad wording on my part.  Thanks again!
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