HTML Table on jsp page

Hi Experts,
            I want to show a table on a jsp page with monthly data.
     The table in the back end has 5 columns:

APPLICATION          MONTH       IN       OUT           TOTAL

what I want on my jsp is for every application,
12 months of data (12 months as column header)

and in every cell, I want to show the data as:


    Can some please help me out with this.
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KuldeepchaturvediConnect With a Mentor Commented:
we will need a little more information that what you have provided here in order to help you out.
javaexpertoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello, in JSP you construct a table just like you do in HTML. Exactly the same thing.
ManishConnect With a Mentor LeadCommented:
Do you know how to get data from backend into jsp?
aman0711Author Commented:
Thank you for showing your helping hand folks. I got done with this problem :)
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