ActiveX Script in a DTS package

Posted on 2009-04-08
Last Modified: 2013-11-30
I have an ActiveX script in a dts package that combines two text files into one.  For some reason when that script is running it just goes into an infinite loop and instead of creating a file of 10 kB it creates a file of that is in large...almost in 20 GB and still does not stop.  I had to kill the session to make the package to stop appending.

Can someone please look over the script code that I have attached and let me know where the problem is?  This process has been running for more than a year and I never had an issue.

'  Visual Basic ActiveX Script


Function Main()

DIM objFSO, objFolder, objTextStream

DIM Path , Datestring

DIM FileId , LineId, datestringLen

Fileid =1

Dim DestFile, Filedate, DestFileName

FileDate = DTSGlobalVariables("processDate").Value

DateString = DatePart("yyyy",FileDate) & Right("0" & _

DatePart("m",FileDate), 2) &  DatePart("d",FileDate)

Datestringlen = len(Datestring & ".csv") 

 DestFileName = "AriseReport9042_" & datestring & ".csv"

Path = "F:\AIGdatafeed\"

SET objFSO = CreateObject("scripting.Filesystemobject")

Set DestFile = objfso.CreateTextFile(Path & Destfilename,True)

SET objFolder = objfso.GetFolder(path) 

FOR EACH objFile in  objFolder.files 

	IF Right(, Datestringlen) = Datestring & ".csv" THEN

		IF (Left(, 15) = "AriseReport9042" ) THEN


			Set  objTextStream = objFSO.OpenTextFile(path & objFile.Name)

			IF fileid =1  THEN

			 	sfileContents = objTextStream.ReadAll




				Lineid =1

				While (objTextStream.AtEndOfStream <> True)

				sfileContents = objTextStream.Readline

				IF lineid <> 1 THEN


				END IF

				Lineid =Lineid +1




			fileid = fileid +1

			Set objTextStream = nothing

			 IF (objFSO.fileexists ( path & "/complete/" & THEN

				objFSO.DeleteFile  path & "/complete/" &, TRUE


			objFSO.movefile path &, path & "/complete/" &




	Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success

End Function

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Can you see the appended files being moved to the complete folder? That would tell you whether there is an issue with the move part.
The logic on the script seems sound but there must be a problem somewhere. Do you know that that script will append as many files as it can find in the source as long as they match the AriseReport9042*.csv wildcard. So it won't just stop at 2 files.
If the MoveFile fails but does not throw an error (which I would not expect) then it would cause that behaviour.
Perhaps you temporarily could add a 'watchdog' which forces it to stop after 100 iterations. You would still get an incorrect output file but at least your process would stop eventually.
Can you open the output file and take a look? It should give you a clue as to the issue. i.e. is it the first file being repeated, the second file being repeated or just a line?

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