monitoring and logging citrix login information

What would be the best way of logging and monitoring Citrix  Meta-Frame  login and activities information? As By default it just logging in failed login attempts with bad user name password.
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NikConnect With a Mentor Systems SpecialistCommented:
We need similar tool in our company and we decided to go with EdgeSight. It's a very powerful tool from Citrix company which lets you monitor everything regarding Citrix.

You can check EdgeSight Videos on myCitrix pages.

nprignanoConnect With a Mentor Technical ArchitectCommented:
There is another option here: (free trial available).

Unfortuantely you are not going to be able log user activity on a Citrix server without a third party application.  You can, however, change the events logged in your Event log to include successful logon and logoff events.  This is done via GPO.
NikConnect With a Mentor Systems SpecialistCommented:
Not a bad software, but unfortunately not as nearly powerful as EdgeSight is.I think that EdgeSight is much more expensive.
nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
Absolutely, it all depends on the requirements and the budget.
Take a look at, it will allow you to record all of your citrix session. It is similar to the SmartAuditor feature which is included in the Citrix Platinum edition. This product will also allow you to generate detailed reports about user activites
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