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IBM Vista to XP

I have a IBM IntellaStation M Pro 6218 45Z with Vista.  I work at a non-profit company and this is a donated machine.  The Vista that is installed has been diabled (key stripped) therefore I can not start the OS.  This is okay because everyone at the non-profit group use XP Pro.  I want to install XP on this machine and I have am having no luck!  

When the installation is about to happen XP gives me a message that says "no nard drive found". I know this probaly means that I need the proper HD controller drivers.  I went to the IBM website and this exact machine is not listed.  I downloaded the 45Y istead of the 45Z drivers hoping this would be close enough.  I then slipstreamed them into the installation disk but I recieved the same error.  I also used the F6 option (using a tempory foppy drive) but this did not work either.

I then went to Intel and Adaptec to see if I could drivers at either (for some reason, when the computer boots, I see both manufators listed as controllers... maybe something to do with a RAID).  Normally I would go into the device manager to get the specific drivers but since I can't get into Vista....

I also called IBM but the machine is out of warranty and since we are non-profit we can not afford to pay the charge (if we can avoid it that is).

Anyway, I am stuck... any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

1 Solution
You have a few choices for hard drives in these units.
Controllers ATA/100, SATA integrated; Ultra320 on SCSI-equipped models;
Factory-configured SAS models include Razor Light daughter card
What you need to do is open one up and see which harddrive it using and id the controller.
Then that will tell you which driver you need to find.
You can try software to find the harddrive conntroller but some systems have more that one.
I've run into this problem before and solved it like this.  You can download every known hard drive controller driver for any variation of the IBM IntellaStation M Pro 6218.  When XP boots and prompts you to F6.  You'll be asked for a hard drive controller driver.   Insert the floppy containing the 1st driver, then indicate you have additional drivers.   repeat this process until you have loaded every driver variation for the controllers typically found on that workstation (IBM IntellaStation M Pro 6218).  You'll be inserting a remove floppies for a while.  Windows wont actually use ALL of the drivers you loaded.  It will determine which driver is appropriate to operate your hard drive controller and use that one.  Problem solved.  This is like the carpet bombing solution to diver issues.  Instead of installing one driver at a time each time you boot or reboot...  you throw ALL known drivers at windows at the same time.

If this solution doesn't work then you could do a couple things.  You could take the computer apart and physically look at and determine which motherboard and/or hard drive controller is installed in the machine.  Then find the specific driver for that piece of hardware (if it's still available)

You could also go out and buy an inexpensive hard drive controller.  Afterall, they come with their own drivers.  Take apart the computer, insert new controller, attach drives to this new controller, boot, install drivers, done.  you can find drive controllers for $20 sometimes, depending on the type you need.  You'll want to make sure you buy a controller that is appropriate to the types of drives you have.  If you have SATA drives, you need a SATA controller, etc...
DJL2009Author Commented:
I got this working!  Thanks for you feedback TheChemic and ComputerTechie.  I ended up downloading every driver listed under the catergory "all models" and slipestreaming it into an XP installation disk and it worked.  Basically I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it to see what would stick :)

Thanks again!
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