ISA Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The requested socket is not connected.

I have ISA 2004 running on SBS 2003.  Seemingly out of nowhere, any website I try to load on any of the clients or the server itself - I get "Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The requested socket is not connected. (10057)".  It is a standard ISA error page in internet explorer.  I have tried everything I could think of, including uninstalling and reinstalling ISA twice.  Pages loaded fine the entire time ISA was not installed.  Sometimes it will start working for a couple minutes, or as much as 15-20 minutes, but it always comes back to the error.  If I reboot the server it will usually work for a couple minutes before I start getting the error again.

Does anyone know what this error means?  I can find NOTHING on the internet about it.  Any suggestions on something else I can try?
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do you have 2 nics on your isa server and do they both have default gateways? seems like i had this problem once before and that had something do do with it.
computrexAuthor Commented:
No it wasn't that.  I fixed it.  It was a little 3rd party application for setting up secure connections to a website that was on there and shouldnt have been.  Soon as I uninstalled it and rebooted, all my problems went away.  Unbelievable.

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verify your network priority,
also check firewall rule for internal,
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